Fallout 4‘s Boston Commonwealth is rife with danger, and one non-playable character finds that out the hard way after letting her guard down in conversation.

Since Fallout 4‘s release last week, the Internet has been flooded with myriad videos featuring the weird and wonderful ways that players have altered the post-apocalyptic RPG, with one of the more noteworthy being Trainwiz’s Atom Bomb Baby mod that morphs the title’s mini-nukes into explosive infants. While the footage below doesn’t focus on any fan-made oddities, it does prove that the Wasteland in Fallout 4‘s base game is plenty strange enough.

YouTuber “dagnabbitk” uploaded a conversation between their protagonist and the non-playable character (NPC) Cait after the danger had presumably died down in the Boston Commonwealth, only to have the latter get pummeled right when both parties expected it the least. The unforeseen attack is timed so perfectly and is so out of left-field that it projects the comedic beats of a wry routine found in an Edgar Wright film.

For those of us who can’t watch the clip due to being at work, or perhaps because of some other circumstance, Cait espouses gratitude to the main character in her thick Irish accent, saying, “But through all that crap, I noticed you’ve always been stickin’ by me. You know, watchin’ me back, and makin’ sure I don’t do anythin’ stupid.” As soon as she gets done speaking, the running footsteps of a Legendary Feral Ghoul Roamer are immediately upon the two of them, and it slams right into her face.

Of course, as is with most comedy, the transcribed version doesn’t do it justice at all. It’s best to simply find some time in the day and watch it. After all, the video is only 11 seconds long.


For the uninitiated, Cait is one of the many NPCs that players can recruit as companions, with one of the more popular being Dogmeat—the German Shepherd that can’t die. However, while Dogmeat is useful in terms of fetching items and providing distractions, human escorts provide a bit more entertainment in the way of dialogue and romance options. Having said that, should fans wish to give it a go with Cait, the choice is always on the table.

Even though Fallout 4‘s base game offers a bevy of sidekicks, one fan known as BOTLANNER cooked up a Creature Follower mod allowing for monsters as companions. Bearing that in mind, if the player in the video above had a Super Mutant Behemoth for a partner instead Cait, things would’ve turned out a lot differently.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: dagnabbitk – YouTube