One Fallout 4 fan creates a brand new mod that freshens up Nick Valentine, the post-apocalyptic game’s robotic detective, with a different, yet familiar look.

Thanks to the Fallout 4 fan and NexusMods user Caturrday, everyone’s favorite mechanical sleuth, Nick Valentine, has been given an update to look less like one of the title’s Generation 2 Synths, and more like an actual human being. Of course, instead of giving the companion character a complete overhaul and making him look like a different entity altogether, some of the his original attributes remain intact, such as his trademark trench coat and hat, as well as his piercing yellow eyes.

Should players install Caturrday’s Fallout 4 mod, all of the missing bits of Nick Valentine’s bodily exterior will be covered up by a Generation 3’s synthetic flesh, with the once-exposed gears, wiring, and steel skeletal framework no longer being visible. Plus, should fans wish to make the detective appear even more life-like, there’s also an optional extension to the script that will allow players to add a set of human eyes.

As seen in the gallery below, Caturrday’s re-imagining of Nick Valentine is certainly well done, but it takes away from some of the physical characteristics that make the Fallout 4 character so unique and engaging. For example, rather than having a damaged exterior giving off the air of a hard-boiled detective that’s been through some tough scrapes, his fully-formed facade makes him look a little bit more like a well-meaning hobo who’s just starting to turn his life around. Regardless, the mod is still pretty impressive.

Obviously, this is far from the first time that someone has changed a non-playable character’s (NPC’s) appearance in Fallout 4. As it happens, there are a plethora of different mods made for the title with the sole purpose of allowing fans to turn NPCs into almost whatever they want. For instance, one player modded their real life dog into the game, switching Dogmeat’s German Shepherd heritage out for that of a Kelpie and Blue Cattle mixed breed. Then, of course, there are those folks who took routes to the extreme and absurd, like the fan who turned Deathclaws into Thomas the Tank Engine.

Since Fallout 4‘s PC players are currently the only ones able to enjoy all of the mods for the game so far, console fans have been biding their time ever since the title’s director, Todd Howard, announced that Bethesda would be providing Creation Kit tools for PS4 and Xbox One this year. Bearing that in mind, console gamers hopefully won’t have to wait much longer, as the release date for official mod support will hit PCs in April with other platforms to follow soon after.

What do you think about Caturrday’s Fallout 4 mod for Nick Valentine? Will you be giving the private eye an upgrade, or do you prefer the original more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: sokareemie — Twitter (via Kotaku, NexusMods)