Fallout 4 Support Added to Nexus Mod Manager

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Players who have a PC copy of Bethesda's latest release, Fallout 4, can now use the Nexus Mod Manager to make installing mods quicker and easier to do.

Fallout 4 has been out for one week and its modding community is already active and changing the game at an impressive rate. Over 1200 mods for Bethesda's latest game are currently available to download from the Nexus Mods website, ranging from basic lighting fixes to mods that turn babies into Atom bombs.

The recent post-apocalyptic RPG has now been added to the popular Nexus Mod Manager making installing Fallout 4 mods that much easier to do. The manager is a piece of open source software designed to make installing mods to a game simpler and more user-friendly. It also integrates with the Nexus Mods website, allowing gamers to download and install mods with less hassle. A video guide has been produced detailing the whole mod installation process, which can be found below.


A blog post by Nexus Mods' Dave Talamas announced Fallout 4's mod support, commenting:

"This is a preliminary release that may have some wrinkles to iron out, but internal testing has gone smoothly. Even fancy scripted installers should work, though we haven’t had a chance to test them thoroughly yet as there's no mods that use scripted installers out at this time."

Whilst it's still early days for Fallout 4 mods, there have been several recently that have received significant amounts of attention. These include a monster companion mod that lets players roam the wasteland with a range of animals and various creatures at their side, as well as a craftable ammo mod, which (as the name suggests) adds the ability for players to craft any kind of ammunition available in the title. Another mod of note is Fallout 4's first graphics mod, which was released just one day after the game's release in an effort to make the wasteland look a more vibrant and colorful place. .

fallout 4 monster companion mod

It's the hard-working mod communities that have kept previous Bethesda titles, such as Skyrim, alive even to this day and Fallout 4 is sure to be no exception. Modding adds endless content to a game and any issues that fans are experiencing with the title can be simply taken away with just a few clicks. For example, many fans have criticized Bethesda's choice to include dialogue wheels instead of the more traditional interface and already some talented fan has designed a mod capable reverting this change, adding classic dialogue options back into Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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