A redditor, affectionately nicknamed “The Swole Survivor” by their peers, offers up a lengthy post that details how players should best begin their journey into Fallout 4’s Commonwealth.

The redditor, whose username is Toggy_Wonga, is certainly qualified to offer up tips to newer players, having achieved Level 135 with their Vault Dweller by completing every single quest possible within the game as well as discovering all magazines and companion perks along the way. Although Toggy_Wonga is now pursuing the noble endeavor of turning each and every settlement into a “self-sufficient fortress”, the Fallout 4 devotee took some time to give newer players tips that might help them become the next Commonwealth legend without having to play Fallout 4 so much they sue Bethesda for personal losses.

The most interesting suggestion from Toggy is one that goes against conventional RPG wisdom. Instead of maxing out a more traditionally useful attribute like Strength for close-combat players or Intelligence for those who like to take the most clever route out of a dungeon, Toggy believes that every new player should max out their Charisma statistic during player creation or immediately afterwards. The reasoning behind this decision is that with max Charisma, Fallout 4 players can successfully convince NPCs of pretty much anything, an action that often accrues pretty big XP bonuses afterwards.

Of course, some players look up Fallout 4 tips in order to maximize the efficiency with which they play the game, as many gamers simply don’t have the time to play a game that lasts hundreds of hours. Luckily, Toggy has some tips that should help even the busiest fans enjoy the game to its fullest. The redditor suggests that players looking to get all of the perks they want should maximize their Intelligence stat to 10 during character creation and level up their Perception to 6 and Luck to 5 at the beginning of gameplay. Intelligence determines how much XP a character gains from any given action, while having Luck at 5 gives players access to the Idiot Savant perk that randomly triggers a 3x XP bonus on any action that gains XP in the first place. Toggy also suggests prioritizing getting the Intelligence bobblehead as early as possible alongside some other perks that make players a night-time juggernaut.

For those who are still new to one of the best RPGs of 2015, Toggy’s post is a great starting point that saves players from having to struggle through the game’s initial learning curve while also making sure gamers don’t saddle themselves with a sub-optimal character build. The guide also covers things like the best kind of legendary loot and which junk items are the most important to collect early on – the latter of which might be a foreign concept to fans who are coming directly from Fallout 3 to the new Fallout 4 gameplay mechanics.

fallout 4 abandoned power armor

Toggy_Wonga’s guide is just one example of the burgeoning and dedicated playerbase that Fallout 4 has managed to inspire since its release. Even if a few of the suggestions might be a bit confusing for players who haven’t even started up the game yet, if nothing else the guide is a clear indication that gamers looking to jump into Bethesda’s latest massive RPG will find themselves surrounded by those willing to help and improve their experience.

Do you know anyone who hasn’t played Fallout 4 but wants to? What tips would you give newer players based on your experiences with the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit