One Fallout 4 user finally concludes their hunt for the most powerful object in the whole of the Commonwealth – and it comes in a rather surprising form.

When it comes to harsh lands in video games, it’s hard to look past the world of the Fallout series. Human survivors face a wide variety of creatures looking to wipe out mankind, and nowhere is this more true than in the Boston of Fallout 4, which is certainly one of the worst video game cities to live in. As such, players have spent a long time looking for the most powerful and protective items in-game – and one user looks to have found a definitive answer.

It turns out that the lowly Fallout 4 trash can withstands a huge amount of damage. That is, according to Reddit user Quinchilion. The Fallout 4 player discovered the immense, mithril-esque properties of the Commonwealth’s prime waste disposal items, and then set out on a series of experiments to make sure that this impressive discovery held up to empirical testing.

As seen below, the trash can quite easily holds its own against explosives that have already proved to be more than a match for the likes of Super Mutants and Deathclaws. Even with large holes in the sides, no debris manages to breath through the sheer protective shield of the bin, much to the relief of the citizens of Diamond City. No doubt this discovery will change the face of the Commonwealth altogether, and could even provide protection against the legendary beasts of Far Harbor.

As it turns out, the almighty trash can is also extremely handy in an offensive manner. Quinchilion took on a number of enemies using the bin as a weapon, filling the item with explosives before allowing a variety of mutants and monsters to cause their own downfall in a bloody, explosive manner. Those interested in seeing this is action can do so by checking out this video.

Hopefully, Quinchilion will be able to share this vital information with other survivors out in the Commonwealth. After all, this knowledge could even stop Preston Garvey’s annoying settlement requests without resorting to mods. Then again, with the upcoming Nuka World DLC allowing gamers to become a raider, there’s the possibility that these trash cans could actually be used for nefarious purposes.

Already, no doubt many modders are already thinking up fun ways for the cans to be used with fan-made content, but accessing these mods may prove tricky for PS4 users. After all, it has been revealed that the Fallout 4 mod size limit is much smaller on PS4. Hopefully, however, the power of the bin remains strong across all platforms.

Source: Reddit