10 Fallout 4 Mods You Need To Get

Winner of numerous Game of the Year awards, Fallout 4 is a fine addition to the Fallout saga. Love or hate the game, Fallout 4 contains a fair amount of customization to tailor your experience. Even in the vanilla version, players can customize their clothing, weapons, settlements, and influence the events of the game with dialogue choices. Mods serve to add more customization to games.

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With mods available on both console and PC, there is an abundance of mods available for download. Warning! Some of these mods may corrupt your game save. It is advisable to save before enabling these mods. Including mods that change the weather, improve graphics, and shift gameplay drastically, there are at least 10 mods you need to get.

10 True Storms- Wasteland Edition

Featured on websites such as Kotaku and PC Gamer, the True Storms- Wasteland Edition mod overhauls the storms of Fallout 4 by making them more varied and realistic. According to, this mod includes severe rains, dust storms, and radiation rains. There are too many reasons to get this mod.

Also, it contains changed weathers and different sound effects, adding to the immersiveness of Fallout 4. Naturally, as a storm mod, True Storms- Wasteland Edition is ideal for Far Harbor.

9 Savrenx Better Robots And HD Liberty Prime

This recent mod was initially uploaded on June 28, 2019. Although Savrenx Better Robots And HD Liberty Prime is a new mod, it is surging in popularity. Changing the dull appearance of Fallout's vanilla robots is something Fallout 4 has needed for quite some time.

Although other mods change the textures of robots, this one appears to have the best design. Especially since robots can be companions, you'll want to download the Savrenx Better Robots And HD Liberty Prime mod.

8 Classic Ghouls Replacer

Nexus Mods user TheFriedturkey brought back and remastered the classic ghoul appearance from Fallout 3. Fallout 3's ghouls have more radiation burns that are way more appealing than Fallout 4's minor skin tears.

Any mod that attempts to bring back the ambiance from Fallout 3, arguably the best Fallout game of all time, is a winner in our books. Ghouls are an integral part of Fallout 3, so you may as well download Classic Ghouls Replacer, which is a "new model and sculpt made from scratch."

7 Improved Map With Visible Roads

This simple mod aims to improve the vanilla map on the Pip-Boy. The vanilla Fallout 4 map helps pinpoint locations for fast traveling, but it has its limitations.

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For starters, roads are not visible in the Fallout 4 vanilla map. Improved Map With Visible Roads creator mm137 added roads, which makes the map more intuitive for players. Also, an increase in brightness makes it way easier to navigate. Even the sea is more visible with this mod. As a mod that is only 6.7MB, it is a must-get for all Fallout players—experienced or not.

6 Full Dialogue Interface

The Full Dialogue Interface mod is beneficial for those who want to view the full dialogue choices instead of a summary. It can be frustrating to choose a dialogue option that says something very different.

Thankfully, we have the Full Dialogue Interface mod, which is comparable to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic's conversations and is less like Mass Effect's. To the credit of Mass Effect and Fallout, the dialogue is much longer than it is in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Still, for most, the Full Dialogue Interface mod is a helpful tool.

5 More Where That Came From- Diamond City Radio Edition

The Pip-Boy is a multi-functional tool that is essential during your Fallout 4 journey. What better way to enjoy Fallout 4 than to do it with a fresh new soundtrack? The More Where That Came From- Diamond City Radio Edition mod adds three times as many songs as the vanilla version of the game.

The added songs fit Fallout 4 well, which is why there is little reason not to get this mod. Thank you OldManMose76 for uploading the More Where That Came From- Diamond City Radio Edition mod.

4 Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K

Since the beginning of Fallout 4, the Power Armor has been a fundamental part of the game. Conquering bosses in the game is made possible with Power Armor. It is described as a supreme armored technology. Mastering Fallout 4's Power Armor will greatly aid you on your travels.

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This mod gives Fallout 4's Power Armor a redesign in glorious 4K. Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K features ambient occlusion and redesigns to all paint jobs. Thank you Nexus Mods user Gorgulla for uploading this mod!

3 Homemaker- Expanded Settlements

The scale of this mod makes it a must-download. Impressively, there are over 1,000 objects added to Fallout 4 after downloading this mod. This mod is compatible with PC, but not on the console. For PC players, however, it will drastically improve building settlements.

The base game pales in comparison to a modded version with Homemaker- Expanded Settlements. Including new furniture, appliances, farmable crops, fences, and miscellaneous objects, there is an abundance of the content contained in Homemaker- Expanded Settlements to keep you busy.

2 Lowered Weapons

Gameplay altering mods can be very effective, and in this case, this mod is a knockout on several levels. In the vanilla version of Fallout 4, players holding firearms in the first-person view appear stagnant.

This mod fixes the dull and sluggish first-person perspective by allowing your player to lower their gun when they are not using it. It is a simple mod, but it improves the game by a tenfold. Lowered Weapons mod creator lesma666 says that this mod will add to Fallout 4's immersiveness.

1 Place Everywhere

The Place Everywhere mod does exactly what its name suggests. Although Place Everywhere's creator advises players not to build outside their settlement zone, it's possible to do so after enabling this mod. Place Everywhere means no more red objects. Items can be stacked and put inside each other, opening up a world of possibilities.

You can even create a giant tower base like the one shown in the above photo! If you wish to expand your settlements, use the Build High mod instead. Build High can conflict with other mods but is more effective for expanding settlement borders.

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