A recently created Fallout 4 mod allows players to attach any weapons modifier to almost any other gun in the game with barely any restrictions at all.

As most Fallout 4 fans are aware, players can only affix a certain amount of mods to any given weapon within the base game, but with LucasGod’s “Any Mod Any Weapon” mod installed, such limitations fly out the window. By using the Fallout 4 mod, fans can take a page out of Victor Frankenstein’s book to mix and match practically any armament modifier to any other weapon in the title with the only real restriction being one’s imagination.

Want to use the Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential gun‘s barrel and attach it onto the end of a rusted-out pipe rifle? Do it. Been thinking about how fun a Fat Man launcher frame mashed up with the game’s Alien Blaster pistol would be? Go right ahead and craft that mama jama. In truth, with the “Any Mod Any Weapon” mod, fans can build weapons that were once only possible in dreams. Take a look at YouTuber Tyrannicon’s video below to get a good idea of what kind of over-the-top guns can be built using the mod.

While the “Any Mod Any Weapon” does allow for some admittedly awesome firearms, there are a few constraints, albeit small ones. For instance, players won’t be able to attach a muzzle to a barrel that doesn’t support muzzles. However, there are workarounds, for in that scenario, the muzzle can be attached to a barrel that matches, and then the barrel itself can be changed out for something different. Plus, it’s possible for enemies to get a hold of what’s been created using the mod, so in order to avoid that from occurring, fans should install it, make whatever bizarre weapon they desire, and then uninstall the mod, which will only allow the player to wield the newfangled gear.

While some Fallout 4 fans might argue that using the “Any Mod Any Weapon” is tantamount to using cheats and console commands, LucasGod would agree with them wholeheartedly. As it happens, the description he wrote for the mod reads, “It’s not balanced, not immersive, and might even affect the non-unique weapons carried by enemies you find in the wild or on stores. But it’s really fun!”


Since Fallout 4‘s mods have yet to make it to console versions of the game — official Creation Kit mod tools release in early 2016 and are coming to Xbox One first — players that don’t own Bethesda’s action-RPG on PC might feel a little left out and are jonesing for distinctive, reliable munitions. In that case, fans should check out our guide for unique weapons’ locations to assist in surviving in the Wasteland.

The foundation for Fallout 4 already has tons to do, so throwing mods like LucasGod’s into the mix should only make the game even more appealing. In fact, with the inevitability of many more fan-made mods in the near-future, Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic title will likely remain in folks’ play queue for many years to come.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: LucasGod – NexusMods (via GamesRadar, Tyrannicon – YouTube)