A fan of Fallout 4 has created a Traits modification that brings back the longtime staple of the franchise, after being absent from both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

It may not have a proper modification creation toolkit yet, but fans of Fallout 4 have kept active working on ways to customize almost every changeable aspects of the game. There’s been no shortage of great Fallout 4 modifications since the game’s release, whether they be gigantic monster-riddled battle creators or even just something to get Preston Garvey to stop talking about settlements all the time.

The latest modification to make some waves is a modification called the Traits and More Perk, which does exactly what it sounds like. While the mod scene has seen perks aplenty roam around, this modification also brings back traits, a series-staple feature missing from both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. 

The mod comes courtesy of Cirosan, who keen-eyed viewers may also remember as the creator behind the Full Dialogue Modification from two months ago. It’s evident Cirosan enjoys a more classical approach to Fallout, considering both modifications bring back features that were only present in the previous Fallout titles.

Fallout 4 Traits

Traits were a staple of the original Fallout games and New Vegas, but have been completely absent from Bethesda Softworks’ own creations. They’re not quite perks, but they do offer great advantages to the player – however, these are balanced out by other unique disadvantages.

For example, the Fast Metabolism trait returns from the original Fallout titles, making Stimpaks and radaways work twice as fast, but also increasing player’s vulnerability to poison and radiation. In short, traits are a great way to bring some unique gameplay modifiers into the equation while still providing a balanced experience.

Since full modification scripting isn’t yet available for Fallout, Cirosan had to create a system where users add these optional traits through the chemistry station, which is typically reserved for such fun tasks as making large portions of jet for Mama Murphy. It may not be the most ideal way to add traits to a character, but we have to give Cirosan credit where it’s due: it’s a nice workaround to being unable to add them at the very beginning of the game.

Previous iterations of Fallout only allowed for a maximum of two traits to be selected, bit Cirosan’s traits modification will allow for unlimited selections. Seeing as they add both negative and positive attributes, we foresee plenty of gamers going through some very challenging playthroughs in the near future – no matter what the weather throws at them.

Interested gamers can download the Traits And More Perks modification here.

Source: VG 24/7