Fallout 4 Mod Tools Won’t Be Created Until Game is Finished

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One of the coolest things about playing video games in our modern era is the ability to completely alter gameplay, graphics, and in-game items with the use of mods. While fans can practically rebuild most titles from the ground up with their own coding, the Fallout series usually gets the most serious attention from programmers. For instance, a couple of days ago, a New Vegas re-imagining called Fallout: The Frontier was teased with a mod trailer, and it adds new missions to the game with a snowy nuclear winter setting as its backdrop. Not to mention, almost immediately after Fallout 4 was officially announced a few weeks back, mods were already being developed by fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise.

Although such dedication is both inspiring and endearing, it’s important to note that the Fallout 4 modifications are entirely hypothetical, and a bit impractical, especially since those behind the mods haven’t even experienced the game yet. However, Bethesda has said that Fallout 4 will definitely support mods on PC and Xbox One, so the enthusiasm of the aforementioned coders is certainly warranted. But with that said, Bethesda has also made it clear that their priority lies in completing the upcoming title in full before creating the tools and sharing systems for mods.

As a matter of fact, Bethesda’s VP of Marketing and PR, Pete Hines, explains that the studio’s prime concern is ironing out all of the bugs, refining the game, and perfecting Fallout 4‘s frame rate. Regarding the matter, Hines says:

“Our entire focus is on finishing the game. Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks. This has always been our philosophy. We shift energy to construction tools, the creation kit, and all of that stuff once the game is done, and we start to figure out what all of that is going to look like.”

Fallout 4 Super Mutant Skirmisher

Bearing the above statement in mind, Hines recently revealed that Fallout 4 was “basically done” when Bethesda announced the game, so fans can at least presume the studio has a pretty good idea about how mods will eventually be implemented. Although, “basically done” doesn’t necessarily mean that the developers have a full-fledged release ready and waiting. Certainly, essential features like Fallout 4‘s repair system and the game’s voice acting were in the can when the Bethesda’s VP said that, but as previously stated, there is still work to be done. Hines continues his explanation on the issue of mods, saying:

“The idea is that [the tools] will work on all platforms, but the truth is the system doesn’t exist. It’s still being built and worked on and it’s going to take awhile. It’s going to take clearly into next year because we can’t even start it . . . “

While Hines’ sole interest at the moment is ensuring Fallout 4 gets finished, the Bethesda VP has also expressed tentative plans for mods. Specifically, he mentions one of the goals for the studio being the utilization of Bethesda.net as a hub for the sharing of Fallout mods, Doom SnapMap creations, and a whole lot more. At any rate, once Fallout 4 finally releases this November, fans ought to have a blast crafting a new Wasteland with their own unique style.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: IGN