The post apocalyptic aesthetic of the Fallout franchise is one of the series’ most iconic calling cards at this point (right up there with Nuka Cola and power armor). The nuclear wasteland isn’t a pleasant place to live and most wildlife has been destroyed and is unable to grow back. Although that premise is central to the way the Fallout 4 world works, one creative modder thought it might be fun to see how the game looked if it was overrun with wildlife, rather than barren.

One of the coolest things about Naughty Dog’sĀ The Last of Us was that it offered a view of a very different kind of apocalyptic setting than what games usually have to offer. Seeing abandoned cities overrun by weeds, trees, and other vegetation made the world feel alive and also gave Naughty Dog a chance to show off some insane textures. The world is beloved by fans that previous mods have even turned Grand Theft Auto 5’s setting into something inspired by TLOU. GamerĀ hodilton blends together a mod cocktail to recreate that aesthetic in Fallout 4’s Boston wasteland.

Here’s a look at the crazy combination of mods in action…

There’s no denying that the Resurrection setup is a beautifully realized version of what an alternate Fallout future might look like. The style definitely clashes with the idea of a post nuclear war world, but it’s gorgeous to look at, so we can forget about that contradiction. Unfortunately, getting Fallout 4 to look like it does in the demo video will take a bit more work than installing a single mod usually does.

In addition to a very powerful machine, gamers who want to experience Fallout Resurrection will also need to install the following:

Mashing up all of those mods together will result in a lush Boston landscape, completely overrun by wild vegetation and super mutants.

Fallout 4 has been out for about half a year now and it’s great to see that the modding community is still coming up with creative ways to keep the game alive and fresh. There’s no doubt that Fallout 4 has long legs, especially considering that there’s no level cap, so hardcore fans will likely continue playing and tweaking the game for years until Bethesda’s next major project drops.

For Fallout 4 fans who haven’t leaped into the world of modding yet, this week is still exciting in that it marks the release of the huge Far Harbor DLC pack. The add-on content is rumored to include around 20 hours of quests and side missions and should offer plenty of motivation for gamers to revisit Boston and suit up in power armor for another marathon.

Fallout 4 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Destructoid