Fallout 4 Mod Support on PS4 Still in Development


Bethesda Softworks offers an update on official mod support for the PlayStation 4 versions of Fallout 4, revealing that the feature is still in development.

After originally being scheduled for release at the end of June and then receiving an indefinite delay, Bethesda took to one of its official Twitter accounts today to reassure Fallout 4 fans that mod support for the PlayStation 4 versions of the game are still being worked on by developers. However, the studio didn't provide an exact time frame as to when players should expect the feature to arrive for the their consoles.

As seen in the tweet below, Bethesda states that Fallout 4 mod support on the PS4 is currently "under evaluation." The studio went on to state it would update the post-apocalyptic RPG's fans when any additional news comes to light regarding the game's feature.


Although Bethesda didn't exactly offer any fresh details about Fallout 4's mod support for PS4, it's an encouraging sign that the studio might have some new information on the matter soon since the developer provided an unprompted update about where it stands in the development process. However, considering the fact that the PS4 mod size limit is substantially smaller than those on the Xbox One, and taking into account the myriad other problems the feature has encountered on the Sony console such as memory, performance, and sound issues, it could be a while before Bethesda gets the Creation Kit to work correctly on the system.

Near the end of July, Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing and PR, Pete Hines, made peace with a Twitter user about the delay, stating, "I don't disagree" when it comes to the studio's reputation being sullied for not having clear updates on the issue. Hines then went on to write, "We have explained that to 'others' so we can get/share an update. so far it hasn't worked." While it goes unsaid, reading between the lines points to Sony more than likely being behind the hold up of Fallout 4's PS4 mods.


As many Fallout 4 fans are aware, mods are available on both PC and Xbox One, and players on those platforms can use the feature to add even more weird, wild, and detailed layers to the open world title. For instance, should folks wish to improve the game's visuals, one could download a graphics mod. On the other hand, if players are feeling that the Boston Commonwealth Wasteland isn't filled with enough strange and irradiated creatures, they can utilize the mod that turns Deathclaws into Macho Man Randy Savage, as seen above.

With the rest of Fallout 4's content like the Vault-Tec Workshop being released on schedule across all platforms, PlayStation 4 fans can only hope that Bethesda eventually gets the situation for mod support on the console ironed out between itself and Sony sooner rather than later. That said, at least Fallout 4 players on all systems should expect the reveal of a reliable launch date for Nuka World, the game's last DLC.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Fallout – Twitter (via Polygon)

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