A mod for Bethesda Game Studios’ post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 4, allows fans to play a corridor shooter mini-game within the base version of the title.

With Fallout 4 having been available for quite some time now, it’s safe to presume that those who picked up the release upon its launch in 2015 and finished the action-RPG in its entirety would be excited to have extra mini-games added to the title’s handful of Holotape games. Since Bethesda has yet to do so, the modding community has stepped up to provide a new and fun mod for the open world title that lets fans boot up and play through a corridor shooter mini-game called Revolted within Fallout 4 itself.

As described by the Fallout 4 mod’s creator Cohagen, Revolted will have fans “play as the Overseer of Vault 102” in order to “take back control of the Vault from
the evil Professor.” Should there be folks out there who wish to try out the mod, after downloading and installing it, they will have to head toward Concord within the Boston Commonwealth Wasteland, where inside the Speakeasy, the Sole Survivor will find a computer terminal on the second floor that can be activated to play Revolted.

The gameplay that ensues in the Fallout 4 mini-game is reminiscent of a lot of retro corridor shooters from the 1990s, such as the original Doom, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein, as it contains a thumping chiptune soundtrack, hammy voice acting, and even some 2D sprites thrown into the 3D levels. Not to mention, there’s plenty of action, as players are tasked with blasting their way through the Vault for survival.


In addition to the shooting aspects of Revolted‘s gameplay, the Fallout 4 mod also boasts a few interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs), and the need to have to scour for colored keycards designed as floppy disks that are required to open various locked doors throughout the mini-game. Plus, there are several more surprises, including a boss battle toward the end of Revolted.

Without a doubt, there are surely plenty of fans out there who want to give Cohagen’s Revolted mod for Fallout 4 a go, but aside from PC fans, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are facing some limitations when it comes to installing the mod. For instance, PS4 users won’t be able to install the Revolted mod at all due to PS4 not allowing external assets in mods. Xbox One fans, on the other hand, could conceivably install and play the Revolted mod, but it would be a matter of working within the Microsoft console’s size limits for Fallout 4 mods.

Obviously, Cohagen’s Revolted mini-game for Fallout 4 is far from the first mod ever created for the post-apocalyptic RPG, but it’s definitely one that ought to put a smile on fans’ faces, especially considering the fact that it contains original gameplay and a charming style all its own. Of course, another reason for fans potential love for the mod is due to it being available for free.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.