An enterprising, mannequin hating modder has released a mod swapping out Fallout 4’s numerous terrifying mannequins for more unassuming lawn flamingos.

The wasteland of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is filled with plenty of dangerous irradiated creatures, trigger-happy lunatics, and easter eggs. It also seems to be littered with mannequins – the dead eyed, unsettling department store decorations lurking around corners and in the shadows. These pale skinned abominations have caused many a wasteland wanderer to waste a bullet on the human-shaped things, and have quickly become the bane of Fallout inhabitants.

But an intrepid modder has finally decided that enough is enough and has devised a way to replace the soulless mannequins with a decoration significantly less terrifying: lawn flamingos.

The just released mod, entitled “Mannequin Be-Gone (Rise of the Flamingos),” comes courtesy of a modder calling herself Hillary. The mod plugs into Fallout 4’s code and swaps out every mannequin in the game for bright pink lawn flamingos, which Hillary sees as a much less horrifying decoration. It’s also much easier to tell the difference between a lurking raider and a flamingo, so those gamers playing on harder difficulties will be less likely to waste a bullet on them.

Fallout 4 Flamingos

But Hillary’s mod wasn’t created solely to save player’s precious bullets. Instead, Hillary described the rationale behind the change in the mod’s description, stating:

“Why did I make this? Because I have automatonophobia and Bethesda’s over-enthusiasm with mannequins in FO4 stresses me out.”

Hillary certainly isn’t the only one to suffer from automatonophobia, which instills in a person a deep seated fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being; i.e. ventriloquist dummies or animatronic creatures (a fear capitalized on by the Five Nights At Freddy’s series).

For gamers that don’t want to cross paths with decorations, department store or lawn, the mod features an alternative setting that entirely scrubs the mannequins from the game. However, as there are mannequins scattered throughout Fallout 4 interacting with items, Hillary warns that these mannequins cannot be tampered with, which might make finding these item-wielding mannequins even scarier in the newfound mannequin-free wasteland.

Despite its recent release, Fallout 4 is already receiving all manner of mods, with fixes for the game’s frame rate and mods for classic dialogue presentation being released alongside this mannequin removing mod. While certainly odd, there will surely be plenty of gamers that will breathe a sigh of relief once the terrifying mannequins have been scrubbed from the wasteland.

source: NexusMod