One Fallout 4 fan has crafted a mod allowing players to experience the classic dialogue option interface that’s available in previous entries from the series.

For those Fallout 4 players who aren’t too keen on the default interface built around the game’s voice acting, NexusMods user Cirosan has created a mod that hearkens back to the original system found in prior entries of the post-apocalyptic franchise such as Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Instead of relying on the Fallout 4 dialogue wheel’s brief excerpts of text that offer up the gist or tone of what protagonists will say, Cirosan’s Full Dialogue Interface mod will give gamers the complete transcription of main characters’ choices for responses during exchanges.

To be specific, the mod itself is actually Cirosan’s English conversion of Shadwar’s Russian NewDialog mod, and instead of button prompts presenting truncated bits of discourse à la Mass Effect 3‘s script and voice dialogue options, the Fallout 4 utterances will be shown as full sentences in the form of a numbered list. It’s important to note that the mod is still in its beta form, so while everything is currently running smoothly, there could be a few chat options that get lost in translation.

Although this will definitely be beneficial for those Fallout 4 fans who wish to meticulously plan out exactly what kind of protagonist they want, Cirosan’s mod will take away some of the fun built into Bethesda’s original design for the action-RPG. After all, the dialogue wheel’s choices are meant to make conversation sequences’ tête-à-tête more fluid and kinetic, which in turn is supposed to construct a scene that’s compelling to players, as they are less likely to skip the voice actors’ actual line readings and hear the full discussion take place.


Nevertheless, this is far from the first mod that folks have cooked up for Fallout 4. Even though it’s only been a little over a week since the post-apocalyptic title’s hit the market, there have been numerous fan-made materials ranging from the useful to the absolutely ridiculous.

So far, one of the more practical builds that can be downloaded is Xylozi’s mod that allows players to craft ammo, and it has been a solid choice for many would-be Vault Dwellers needing to re-up on some much needed rounds to survive the harsh wilds of the Wasteland. Then, of course, for those of us looking for an added boost of zaniness, there’s Trainwiz’s Atom Bomb Baby mod which morphs the game’s mini-nukes into infants of mass destruction.

With tons to be done in the actual base game of Fallout 4, the prospect of having so many mods at one’s fingertips could be dizzying to the casual fan. And with Bethesda making the official Creation Kit mod tools available in 2016 for console fans and PC gamers alike, there will soon be an even higher influx of them from which to choose. Hopefully, though, their widespread availability will incentivize gamers unfamiliar with the practice to try their hand at producing mods of their own.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: NexusMods (via Reddit)