Fallout 4 modder steelfeathers releases a mod that allows players to convert nearly any creature that can be captured in the Wasteland Workshop into a companion.

After tasking gamers with slaughtering a wide variety of creatures in Fallout 4, Bethesda released the Wasteland Workshop, allowing gamers to capture creatures and force them to fight against each other. However, it still left something to be desired for gamers who dreamed of recruiting monsters as companions. One modder has now fulfilled this wish with a newly-released creature companion mod.

The mod, entitled Beast Master, is now available on the Nexus Mods site for any Fallout 4 player who wishes to use it. It requires the Wasteland Workshop DLC to be installed, as it uses some of the DLC’s assets to capture creatures. The mod itself allows gamers to craft a control chip which can be implanted into nearly any captured creature, although humans are exempt. Once implanted, the creature of choice will respond to vocal commands, fight enemy combatants, and can even be visually customized with accessories or paint.

fallout 4 deathclaw companion dialogue

The Beast Master mod closely matches the existing companion system, providing an opportunity for the gamer to impact their creature’s mood and opinion of their new master. For example, feeding a monster can potentially make it like the lone survivor more, whereas injecting it with a mutating serum for a temporary stat-boost may displease it. If a controlled creature becomes displeased enough with the lone survivor, mod author steelfeathers warns that they may attack.

The Beast Master mod has also taken Fallout 4‘s large list of perks into consideration, providing some alternative methods of taming for players with the right perks. Rather than constructing a chip, players who have unlocked the Animal Friend or Wasteland Whisperer perks will be able to tame captured monsters simply by speaking to them. Gamers can also expect to be able to keep their existing vanilla companion, as Beast Master companions can be used side-by-side with a normal companion.

Gamers have wanted a deathclaw companion in Fallout 4 since before the game even released, so it’s great to see a mod author making it a possibility. Bethesda itself has worked hard to introduce new forms of gameplay to the game, with upcoming DLC providing ways for gamers to create and monitor their own vaults or even become a leader of a raider gang. However, modders like steelfeathers are arguably the lifeblood of any Bethesda game, creating such a wide variety of modes and alterations that it’s hard for gamers to grow weary of the games.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Nexus Mods