One Fallout 4 super fan creates a highly detailed map showcasing all of the locations and collectibles throughout the game world, complete with danger levels.

When it comes to the world of Fallout 4, developer Bethesda has packed so much content into the game that some might not know where to start first. Obviously, there’s a main story to follow, but with dozens of collectibles and locations to explore, finishing the “campaign” is simply the beginning.

To assist with Fallout 4 players’ quests to uncover everything, one super fan has created a highly detailed map. With the Fallout 4 map, players should be able to find everything from Bobbleheads to hidden settlements, and it even features color-coded danger levels as well.

For some players, the joy of discovery is likely to supersede the need to know where everything is on the Fallout 4 map. But other players simply want to spec their characters out as fast and possible, and thus will find this map extremely useful. Either way, props are due koolkyle802 for creating such a detailed map.

It’s actually a shame that the map didn’t pop up earlier, because it does offer helpful tips with regards to difficult areas in Fallout 4’s Boston landscape. With it, players can see which areas are a little more challenging, and in turn make sure to visit those once they have a little more gear in their arsenal. And then, once they have hit a high enough level – read our guide for how to level up fast – the players can go on a collecting spree.

We should note, however, that as of this writing the map is in very high demand. So much so, that koolkyle802’s dropbox has been hit with a traffic halt, making it impossible to download straight from the source. But, there are a few mirror sites from which Fallout 4 players can download a high-resolution version of the map, which is really the only way to go.

Fallout 4 Collectible Map

Over the last week or so, much has been said about Fallout 4, both good and bad. Most have praised the game’s open world, however, touting Bethesda’s innate ability to create a landscape that is bursting with possibility. Sometimes those possibilities are scripted exactly as Bethesda intended, while others, like this random NPC attack, are pure happenstance. It all adds back to the magic of the experience.

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Have you been using any guides to assist in your Fallout 4 experience? If so, which ones have you found the most helpful?

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit