While most of us here would consider gaming a hobby, few call it an addiction. Yes, when we have free time it’s not uncommon to see us behind our console of choice, but when it comes to real world responsibilities it’s still possible to put the controller down. For one Fallout 4 player, however, that line between hobby and addiction blurred really fast.

This player, a Russian man from Krasnoyarsk, became so enthralled with the world of Fallout 4 that he shunned all other considerations. He played Bethesda’s game almost exclusively, and in the process ignored his job, his wife, and his children.

Unsurprisingly, the Fallout 4 player’s addiction led to some serious real world consequences, including him losing his job and his wife requesting a divorce. Apparently, these developments didn’t do much to shake the addiction, though, and only further pushed the player into the game world.

Now, this Russian gamer, seemingly after being shaken from his post-apocalyptic stupor like some sort of Vault Dweller, is coming to terms with his addiction. But what’s he doing? He’s suing Bethesda for $7,000 dollars because he lost his wife and job. Yes, that’s the world we live in.

According to a statement from the man, Bethesda or any of the localization firms working with Bethesda for Fallout 4’s release should put a warning regarding the addictive nature of the experience. He claims that, if he had known the game was so addictive, he likely would have waited until the holidays to try it out. But according to the lawsuit, the player was engrossed for over three weeks, so that likely wouldn’t have helped.


Obviously, the Fallout 4 player doesn’t have of a case, as many can enjoy the game without becoming so engrossed they neglect their jobs. Moreover, Fallout 4 is not a new experience; presumably the Russian man was familiar with prior entries in the franchise. If so, it would be hard to attest that he didn’t know the game could become addicting. Presumably if he had played Fallout 3, New Vegas, or even Skyrim, he likely knew that Bethesda games could suck players in and never let go.

Nevertheless, this is but a small blemish on Bethesda’s banner year. The publisher hit the ground running when they announced Fallout 4, and soon after sent the fans into a tizzy by confirming the game would launch by 2016’s end. And hype continued to build until the game finally released and engrossed a large population of gamers. Hopefully most of them knew when to take a break, though.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: RT News (via Digital Trends)