Fallout 4’s latest mod allows players to craft infinite baby Shaun’s at workbenches and place them throughout the wasteland or use them as junk jet ammo.

One of the problems with a game that provides as much as freedom as Fallout 4 is that players can easily lose track of the driving narrative. While off collecting bobbleheads, building settlements, and leveling up; it’s easy to forget that we’re supposed to be tracking down our missing child. A new Fallout 4 mod offers the opportunity to keep baby Sean’s memory and likeness nearby throughout the entire game…

A number of mods have used the assets associated with each player’s unique baby Shaun to create some chaos, including the creation of a baby-launching weapon, but the latest Shaun mod is one of the best yet. The mod, aptly named notShaun, allows players to create infinite wooden replicas of little Shaun at any chem workbench.

Once players have started amassing a collection of animated baby notShauns, they can start placing them around the Commonwealth wherever they want. Obviously the responsible thing to do is find cribs to place the babies in, but players can also just scatter them around on the ground everywhere they go. If the visual gag of seeing Shaun everywhere you go starts to lose its novelty, don’t worry; there’s a practical (and more violent) use of the babies, as well.

Fallout 4 Shaun Junk Jet

Much like in previous mods, baby Shaun can once again become a projectile weapon. Unlike the previous mod that turned Shaun into a mini-nuke, this time around the notShauns can be loaded into the junk jet and launched at enemies. The resulting shootouts aren’t quite as explosive as in the mini-nuke mod, but it is still plenty violent. If you’re opposed to random video game baby violence, then this might be another mod that you’ll want to skip.

The original build of the mod didn’t include the projectile feature, but the creator added it after user requests…

“They have no havok setting (because I’m too lazy and unskilled with Nifskope to make the custom mesh that it needs) so they just kinda float where you drop them, thankfully I also made them junk items so you can fire them using a certain weapon.”

Luckily, the Fallout 4 modding community is active and diverse enough to provide mods for just about every kind of gamer. From graphics enhancements that introduce new weather to bizarre Thomas the Train tributes, the list of iconic Fallout 4 mods is growing every week. The game hasn’t reached Skyrim’s level of mod quality and quantity yet, but it is definitely on the same path just a few month’s after its launch.

Will you be adding notShaun to your list of installed mods? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Nexus Mods