One intrepid Fallout 4 fan sets out to answer a burning question in the Boston Wasteland: which legendary enemy would win in a fight between them all?

Bethesda’s newest take on a post-apocalyptic survival tale hasn’t even been out a week, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the series from engaging in all kinds of bizarre shenanigans since release. Fallout 4 already promised to be an incredibly complex, diverse game that could keep gamers entertained for hours with the content its team of developers had provided. If that weren’t enough, game director Todd Howard has already started discussing Fallout 4 DLC. What more could a Vault Dweller ask for?

Well, it turns out Fallout 4 fans are pretty big on watching a bunch of Bostonian natives duke it out in a gladiator-style setting. First, there was the Fallout 4 fan video that depicted an epic war between Synths, the android of the game, and plain old Raiders. Next came the epic bout between the iconic Deathclaws and the Brotherhood of Steel, an in-game faction that essentially worships technology. Now, YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has debuted his greatest work to date: a showdown between every single legendary enemy that exists within Fallout 4.

The video, shown below, depicts enemies ranging from a lowly legendary mole rat to the highest ranking Brotherhood of Steel enemies in the game, all engaging in mass warfare within the confines of a Boston arena. Although some creatures have a better chance than others (sorry legendary Radstag), the fight plays out in spectacular fashion. Rather than spoil the results here, players will have to check out the video to see the victor of these epic Fallout 4 death matches.

Bethesda has to be pleased with the way the Fallout community has embraced the series’ latest iteration. On top of these fun what if scenarios being brought to life, fans have also been adding personalized touches to the Wasteland to mixed results. While the Fallout 4 player who created a mod to include their real life dog in the game in place of Dogmeat made headlines for his heartwarming inclusion, a fan who created a mod to include David Ortiz jerseys in Fallout 4 is now facing legal repercussions after MLB took notice.

Beyond just the community contributions, the game has also been a smash hit in the sales department, as Bethesda recently announced Fallout 4 had shipped 12 million copies worldwide within a week of release. Right now, it seems the world of post-apocalyptic Boston can do no wrong, and Cosmic Contrarian’s video proves it can be as fun as it is enthralling.

Were you surprised at the results of the video? Who were you rooting for? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube