For the Lone Wanderers looking for the best combat gear in Fallout 4, check out our guide on where to find all the unique weapons in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG.

There are a good many Fallout 4 fans who might simply choose to use console command cheats in order to wield the best guns and gear that the game has to offer, but the most enjoyable way to experience Bethesda’s action-RPG is through scavenging and exploration. Of course, everyone gets stuck and frustrated from time to time, especially when we’re looking for a certain pistol, rifle, or in the case of Fallout 4, a coveted energy weapon.

Thankfully, for those Wastelanders who are still roaming the Boston Commonwealth in search of their next favorite firearm or bludgeon, we’ve decided to put together a guide to assist in finding each and every one of the unique weapons that Bethesda’s retro-futuristic title has to offer. By our count, there are 44 in total—excluding legendaries—so for the sake neatness and organization, we’ve compiled them all alphabetically underneath the umbrella of their categories, starting with ballistics and ending with melee. So without further ado, spoilers are indeed inbound.




For those players who wish to remain stealthy during their exploits, the Deliverer, well, delivers in spades. For starters, the weapon improves upon the VATS combat system by increasing the hit chance and costing 25% less Action Points. Plus, with its suppressor in place, the 10mm variant will provide those who use it with ample sneakiness as its shots are somewhat silenced, but accuracy at medium to long distances can be an issue due to its lack of a frame for a scope.

The Deliverer is rewarded to fans who complete The Railroad quest Tradecraft, and they can upgrade the sidearm in two ways. They can use crafts after acquiring the appropriate rank of the Gun Nut perk, or add on to the gun with purchases from the merchant and engineer Tinker Tom following the completion of the quests from the Weathervane Missions series.

Eddie’s Peace


Eddie’s Peace is without a doubt the perfect revolver for those who want a gun reminiscent of old-school gangsters and mob members, for not only does it use a play on words by referring to a firearm as a “piece”, it also packs quite the punch. The seemingly standard .44 pistol is certainly more than meets the eye, as it has a scope attached to the top of its frame, and dishes out 50% extra limb damage.

The handgun can be found on the former crime lord and current ghoul Eddie Winter after killing him. However, players should be careful in its acquisition, for just like his weapon of choice, the once-Mafioso is definitely a tough customer.



Nothing doles out the damage quite like the Fallout series’ combat shotguns, and with Justice being one of them, it positively serves up plenty of its namesake. And, of course, being a unique short-range shooter gives it an extra edge in battle, as it provides a chance to stagger on successful hits.

The only way that would-be Vault Dwellers can get Justice is by heading to the small town of Covenant. After getting in by sweet-talking the door guard, find Penny in the general goods store to purchase the shotgun. However, should the shopkeeper die for any reason throughout the game, the weapon is unobtainable.

Kellogg’s Pistol


As if it needed to be said, the mercenary known as Conrad Kellogg is one bad mama-jama, and a lot of that has to do with the potency of his signature six-shot magnum revolver. The gun definitely has a lot of power, as it’s able to kill most humanoids and Generation 2 synths with 1 to 2 bullets. Also, its Relentless effect allows for Action Points to be refilled after critical strikes, making it even more formidable.

Fans can only get Kellogg’s Pistol after facing him in combat during the Reunions quest in Fort Hagen. The gun can be procured on or near the hired soldier’s body once players kill him, but it should be noted that this battle is not for the faint of heart.

Le Fusil Terribles


This French-named weapon is apparently a rough translation of a unique combat shotgun found in the title’s predecessor, Fallout 3, as it directly translates to “The Terrible Rifle”. The correct term that should have been used is “fusil de chasse”, but perhaps it was a bit unwieldy for developers. Furthermore, “terribles” is in the plural, while the noun and the determiner are in the singular. With that being said, that’s enough grammar for now.

Players can find Le Fusil Terribles on top of a yellow wooden crate in the captain’s cabin after fighting through pirate Raiders in the coastal camp of Libertalia. The shotgun is laying on a box straight ahead from the quarters’ entrance next to a lit lantern, with +25% damage and limb damage intact. The weapon can also be discovered immediately after the cut-scene with X6-88 during the Synth Retention quest that’s a part of The Institute narrative.

Overseer’s Guardian


The Overseer’s Guardian is essentially a short-barreled combat rifle with the ability to shoot an additional projectile for every shot without using an extra bullet, and it comes equipped with a nifty night-vision scope. With that being said, it can be modified with all of the standard variations of a typical rifle of its ilk.

Fans can buy the Overseer’s Guardian from the merchant Alexis Combes as soon as they enter Vault 81. Really, the only deterrent keeping players from obtaining the gun might be its cost of 3936 bottle caps, which is pretty pricey when compared to other weapons in the game.

Reba II


Aside from sharing its name with the world renown country star, the Reba II is famous for being a powerful .50 caliber hunting rifle. Those lucky enough to obtain it will be privy to its effects of dealing 50% extra damage to bugs and Mirelurks.

The Reba II is located at the Rook family house in the town of Salem in a locked back room in the basement. Gamers can either nab the gun as a reward for helping Barney Rook—founder of the Salem Volunteer Militia—set up his turrets, by killing him in order to steal his key to the locked room, or by pick-pocketing the key after being invited into his house.

Silver Submachine Gun


Shinier than a normal firearm of its kind, the Silver Submachine Gun also has a darker colored wood for its handle in stock, making it easier for players to pick out amongst lookalikes. Other than that, however, there really are no additional advantages to having the weapon, as it has no special stats, properties, or mod slots.

At any rate, should fans wish to obtain the Silver Submachine Gun, they need to start The Silver Shroud quest, as it will be given to them upon its completion. The ghoul manning the Silver Shroud Radio Station named Kent Connolly will reward players with it after returning the Silver Submachine Gun prop to him.

Spray n’ Pray


In addition to its suppressor, recoil compensating stock, and large quick-eject drum, the Spray n’ Pray is a legendary submachine gun equipped with an extremely strong receiver. While the base version of this unique weapon is solid enough, it can be modded even further from the game’s Weapons Bench if folks wish to do so.

The Spray n’ Pray also has an Explosive Legendary Mod of which gives each shot a dealing of 15 points of A.O.E explosive damage on impact, and it would become even more potent should players build their Demolitions Expert perk. The weapon is extremely rare, but it can be found in the caches of random vendors. However, the best bet in getting it is to buy it from wandering merchant by the name of Cricket, who occasionally can be found in Bunker Hill, and just outside of Vault 81, Warwick Homestead, or Diamond City.

The Gainer


When in doubt, one of the best standbys in any video game is a sturdy pistol, and Fallout 4‘s The Gainer is definitely one of the strongest around. Not only does it have an attack of 76, but it also can set targets on fire for 15 points of additional damage.

The Gainer is relatively easy to find, and it has no prerequisites for players to use. The unique magnum can be found on the ground next to a skeleton after solving the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle with the combination of 10-4-5-1.

The Last Minute


Coming with the Shielded Barrel, Capacitor Boosting Coil, Long Night Vision Scope, and Compensator mods already installed, the Last Minute is a Gauss rifle variant that is a sight to behold. On top of its base attack of 192, the unique weapon includes a legendary modification that causes 50% extra limb damage.

Gamers can purchase the gun from the Minutemen veteran Ronnie Shaw after completing the Old Guns quest. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that she will only sell items when standing outside of The Castle’s armory, so players will need to jump on buying it as soon as possible when she’s in position.

Tinker Tom Special



The sole drawback to owning the Tinker Tom Special hunting rifle is its 16.7 weight value. Other than that, this unique gun packs a wallop with a damage count of 99.

After taking part in the engineer and vendor Tinker Tom’s Weathervane Missions series to prove one of his harebrained theories, the weapons expert will sell the Tinker Tom Special at the Railroad HQ.

Wastelander’s Friend


Nothing’s better than having a pal on which one can rely, and the Wastelander’s Friend is just that. Compacted in a simple frame of a pre-modded 10mm pistol with a recon scope, this unique weapon deals 50% more limb damage than the average iteration, and can be modded with the Gun Nut perk for even better results.

Obtaining the Wastelander’s Friend is simple enough. For those looking for a reliable companion in the form of a sidearm to keep them company out in the harsh nuclear wilds, they can head over to the trader Deb at Bunker Hill and pick it up for 1776 caps.

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