Follow our helpful guide to find out where a Vault Dweller can go in order to nab some extra Fusion Cores for the T-60 power armor in Bethesda’s Fallout 4.

As many gamers will attest, Fallout 4 has exceeded expectations and then some. Despite Fallout 4‘s flaws, just prior to the game’s release, droves of critics went on to deem the open world title a triumphant success, as it received a roundup of rave reviews. Of course, the professional gaming pundits weren’t the only ones to deem the action-RPG as a masterful work. Even the fans are singing Bethesda’s praises, as is evidenced over in our spoiler discussion thread for the ending.

While Fallout 4 has definitely achieved critical acclaim and tons of love from the gaming community, many Vault Dwellers are roaming the Boston Commonwealth and still in need of supplies, especially when it comes to Fusion Cores for the T-60 power armor. For the uninitiated, in addition to being used as a general fuel type, Fusion Cores are primarily utilized as an item to activate Fallout 4‘s power armor, so it’s best to have plenty on hand as early as possible.

Since developers didn’t give fans the option to recharge the aforementioned batteries for the power armor, characters’ suits constantly run the risk of losing juice right in the middle of crucial moments in the game. Of course, players can spend bottle caps for Fusion Cores at vendors all across the Wasteland, like Arturo in the Diamond City Market, but the map is simply too vast for fans to expect their T-60 gear to hold a charge getting to each in-game retailer. Plus, there’s no better loot than that which is free.

The following list of locations are some of the best spots to scavenge for Fusion Cores, but it may take a while considering the fact that investigating each area could impede the task at hand. After all, Fallout 4 is a game dedicated to exploration and the surprises that come with it, so it’s best to take one’s time when rummaging for necessities.

Kellogg’s House – 4 Fusion Cores


Since this is a part of the main storyline, so it’s hard for gamers not to encounter these while adventuring. Bearing that in mind, it’s still important for fans to keep their eyes peeled.

After completing the third quest, “Jewel of the Commonwealth”, head on over to Nick Valentine’s detective agency in Diamond City. When there, Nick’s assistant will prompt players with a quest called “Unlikely Valentine”, while Nick will assign the quest “Getting A Clue” along with a key to Kellogg’s house.

Once inside the mercenary’s home, approach the desk on the ground floor and crouch beneath it. Push the red button underneath to open a secret panel on a wall nearby. After stepping through, nab the Fusion Cores in the ammo box by the chair, and loot the rest of the house for food, drink, weapons, ammo, and Stimpaks.

Fort Hagen – 1 Fusion Core


Located on the edge of the western edge of the Commonwealth, Fort Hagen is an old base and settlement that looks desolate on the outside, but it’s a truly a tough nut to crack. Starting out, it’s important to heed the sentry turrets atop the roof and avoid alerting them, so be as stealthy as possible, using sneak abilities. Furthermore, players might want to equip some armor that can resist energy damage, for once inside, several laser-wielding Generation 2 synths will attack.

After making light work of the enemies, do some exploring of the chief space of Fort Hagen. Once familiarized with the area, one of the side spaces branching off of the main hallways leads to a generator room, and a Fusion Core can be found inside one of the engines in the chamber.

Starlight Drive-In – 1 Fusion Core


Although this drive-in movie lot is filled with rusted shells of dilapidated cars, its location holds some promise. Not only does it have a decent amount of supplies in store for a weary traveler, but it also can be used to build and customize a settlement.

In order to find the much-needed Fusion Core, head to the back of the three-story screen at ground level and pick the lock of the door to the storage room. Inside, the treasure being sought can be found resting on an easily accessible shelf inside the larger of the two supply areas.

The Castle – 1 Fusion Core


The Castle was once a fortress for the Minutemen, and has become a potential settlement for players, but in order to civilize the place, the mirelurks need to be dealt with first. However, in this instance, the aquatic enemies need to be eradicated in order to bag a Fusion Core.

Once completing the main story quest associated with the area, and helping the Minutemen unlock it, take some time to look through the Castle. Inside the fort is a missile launcher, a flamer, as well as a small bit of ammunition for each. The Fusion Core can be found in a locked back room in the armory tunnels of the stronghold.

USAF Satellite Station Olivia – 1 Fusion Core


Located to the east of the Sanctuary, across the water, and further east of the Robotics Disposal Yard, players will encounter the USAF Satellite Station Olivia. It’s not hard to spot, particularly due to the giant satellite dish looming over the area.

The place has been overrun by Raiders, so it’s best to keep a favorite weapon handy, and some decent armor equipped. There won’t be many bad guys above ground, but since the base is mostly an underground installation, most of the enemies dwell below, patrolling the interior. Once it’s safe, explore the main area and head to the large open power room in the basement to find the Fusion Core plugged directly into a base station.

Weston Water Treatment Plant – 4 Fusion Cores


In order to find the Weston Water Treatment Plant, players should be roughly at the midway point of the map, and go west. Make headway toward Fort Hagen and get on the other side of the waters across from the Oberland Station settlement.

The Weston Water Treatment Plant houses 4 separate Fusion Cores. In order to find them, players must make their way into the basement and do some sleuthing.

Greenetech Genetics – 2 Fusion Cores


Greenetech Genetics is practically crawling with Raiders, so players should be loaded for bear and ready to throw down. Due to the sheer amount of hostiles taking up space in the building, a mixture of firearms, hand grenades, molotov cocktails, and melee weapons will be key for survival.

Once the gun-toting bad guys have been dispensed with, players need to be careful when seeking the Fusion Cores. Be delicate on each level while searching, because on top of the Raiders, there are turrets that need to be disabled, as well as tripwires that can quickly end the hunt. The juice for the power armor can be found on two separate floors of the structure.

Hardware Town – 4 Fusion Cores


This particular ruined city can be discovered in the central area of The Commonwealth. In order to come across it, players will have to trek to the south of Diamond City—one of the best places to take advantage of the Big League perk—and east of the Mass Pike Tunnel West.

Much like Greenetech Genetics, the area is lousy with Raiders, so heavy firepower is necessary. After securing the area, 4 separate Fusion Cores can be nabbed with some dedicated investigation.

Recon Bunker Theta – 2 Fusion Cores


Recon Bunker Theta is a base settled in the far northern area of the Commonwealth. It can be found north of Radio Tower 3SM-U81.

The location is a part of an emergency beacon quest called “The Lost Patrol”, but be careful. Vault Dwellers need to be at a decent level and have sturdy armor equipped, because there could be Supermutants galore running amok. Once the bunker’s safety is assured, the Fusion Cores can be found inside the building.

Obviously, there are a plethora of locations throughout Fallout 4‘s sprawling map that contain Fusion Cores to aid folks in their quests, but the several we’ve listed above should give players a hearty jolt in their searches. Plus, in the coming weeks, months, and years, all of the secrets in Bethesda’s most recent entry in the post-apocalyptic series should be revealed.

Have you found some good locations with stashes of Fusion Cores yet? If so, let us know in the comments so we can get back to mowing down Deathclaws with our Miniguns and power armor.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.