A room containing every single piece of armour and every weapon has been found tucked away in Fallout 4 — find out how to gain access to it in seconds.

After months of anticipation, fans are now able to explore the world of Fallout 4 for themselves. As a result, we’re starting to see resourceful players uncover some of the hidden content and easter eggs that the developers at Bethesda tucked away within the game.

Much of this material is intended for players to find — even if it’s rather fiendishly hidden, like the easily missed Cryolator. However, there’s some content still present in the game’s final release that was never intended to be seen by anyone outside of the development team.

The sheer scale of a title like Fallout 4 calls for an extensive beta testing period ahead of release. Often, testers will be supplied with the best gear in a role-playing game to ensure that they can carry out their work without being bothered by the normal challenges that the game has to offer.

In Fallout 4, there’s a room that offers every single piece of armour, every single weapon and every crafting station players would ever need to get their hands on. Thanks to an informative video by Tyrannicon, it’s possible to completely remove the game of any sense of challenge with little more than a console command.

To gain access to this room, simply press the tilde key and enter the phrase COC QASMOKE, and you’ll be instantly transported to the hidden location. There’s a broad array of useful trinkets to pick up, so it’s best to visit with plenty of inventory space.

At present, this exploit can only be accessed in the PC version of the game — players on console will have to stick to earning their gear legitimately for the time being. It’s unlikely that there’s a method of gaining access to the room without the use of console commands, but the impending addition of mod support might change that.

However, anyone playing through Fallout 4 and looking for a leg-up on the competition can use particular perks to gain experience a little more quickly. It won’t make the game as easy as having every item at your fingertips would, but it should offer a slight advantage.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this exploit can easily suck all the fun out of your Fallout 4 playthrough. However, it might be just the ticket for anyone suffering from lost progress due to the game-breaking bug being reported by some players.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.