Another Fallout 4 graphics mod releases, improving the overall appearance and diversity of the terrain in the post-nuclear apocalypse Boston wasteland.

Not everyone has been impressed with Fallout 4‘s visuals, despite the graphical improvement over Fallout 3. However, for gamers who are still disappointed by the appearance of the sprawling Boston wasteland, there’s a mod for that.

Fallout 4 modder Printerkop is no stranger to the Fallout series, having previously upscaled the appearance of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. This time, he’s taking on the entire wasteland in his landscape overhaul mod. While he’s not trying to make the wasteland look any less ruined, he’s taken it upon himself to improve the overall appearance of the the wasteland’s terrain, grass, and trees. Though Fallout 4‘s developers created terrain texture files of a staggering 2048×2048 pixels, Printerkop feels that the overall appearance of the terrain is bland and non-descript.

Printerkop’s replacement textures give more detail to the terrain, creating a wider variety of rocky surfaces, soil types, and giving more depth to surfaces like leaf piles and footprints. The mod is incomplete, but Printerkop has promised to update it on a daily basis until it’s done, releasing a few textures every day. Once he’s done with the terrain, he says he’ll move on to the grasses and trees, though for a work in progress, it already makes a huge improvement in Fallout 4‘s appearance.

Fallout 4′s visuals have been the subject of contention since its first E3 gameplay reveal, with some gamers feeling that the game doesn’t look next-gen enough. As a result, the very first mod for Fallout 4 improved the game’s appearance. However, some gamers are more than satisfied with the look of the game, and others can barely play it on their PCs. To alleviate this problem, another mod improves Fallout 4‘s frame rate by taking its massive terrain textures and downsizing them, reducing some of the strain on GPUs and CPUs that don’t quite meet system requirements.

Fallout 4 is considered to be a great game, but one of the best parts of playing a Bethesda game on PC is modding it however one sees fit. It’s a good thing that Bethesda chose to test out (and subsequently axe) their paid mod fiasco on Skyrim, rather than deploying it for Fallout 4. Playing the game with unlimited free mods that can entirely change the appearance, gameplay, and even quests of Fallout 4 is a big part of the fun, and extends the replayability of an already massive entry to the Fallout series.

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Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: NexusMods, YouTube