Fallout 4 Meets Grand Theft Auto 5 in Latest PC Mod

By | 1 year ago 

As the hype for Fallout 4 continues to grow, a lot of gaming fans would trade in most, if not all of the titles in their current libraries just to get their hands on an early copy of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game. With a bunch of interesting new features, and double the assets of Skyrim, the anticipation for Fallout 4 is definitely warranted. Unfortunately, gamers still have about a couple of months to go before the action-RPG releases.

In the meantime, a lot of people are finding creative outlets in order to celebrate Fallout 4 in their own ways. For instance, one gamer crafted a fully-working home made Pip-Boy with the use of a 3D printer, while another decided to design a makeshift character builder so that fans could start planning which traits they might want to focus on during the creation of their protagonists once the title is actually available.

Of course, when it comes to any fan-made creations, the modding community needs to have their input as well. Now, using Grand Theft Auto 5 mods, YouTuber “Mitch L” has put together a video of of his own Fallout 4 inspired mod called “The Sky is Falling”. As seen below, the clip is rife with cinematic verve, as the editing keeps the footage moving at a nice pace and Fallout‘s portentous score plays triumphantly in the background – all while a Vault Dweller attempts to survive against some Raider Scum. Most importantly, it includes some fun VATS combat, as well as a visit from a T-45d power armor-wearing warrior who takes up the cavalry mantle for a rescue.

This is far from the first mod made in Rockstar Games’ blockbuster open world title. People have created plenty of them, with one of the most notable mods involving Iron Man Hulkbuster armor, and another allowing players to use the Gravity Gun from Valve’s Half-Life series. And now, due to developers adding the Rockstar Editor for consoles, people can expect to see tons more fan-made crossover content crop up in the near future.

Fallout fans have been keen to provide their fair share of mods that alter Bethesda’s open world Wastelands, as well, with many offering up new stories and quests, such as Project Brazil – a New Vegas modification that re-imagines the game as taking place in San Bernardino, California rather than Nevada. And once Fallout 4‘s mod tools release in early 2016 after the game has been out for a while, there’s no telling what kind of cool stuff fans will come up with for the new title.

At any rate, Mitch L’s video above certainly stokes the flames of desire for Fallout 4 to finally hit the market. With Bethesda’s previous successes and stellar track record preceding the forthcoming game, there’s no doubt that Fallout 4 will not only provide fans with fresh surprises, but also remind them why the series is so great in the first place.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mitch L on YouTube (via VG 24/7)