A new Fallout 4 modification gives gamers the option to select female bobbleheads instead of the default male version, and even boasts some hair and outfit options.

One of the most iconic faces in videogame franchise history – that is, Vault Boy – is now a family man. He’s now got a sister thanks to a modder named Justice123, who evidently thought that the all-male bobblehead cast was unfairly leaving out the female portion who played the game.

Fallout 4 has been out for several months now, and modifications for the post-apocalyptic title have been flooding the internet ever since it launched. There’s plenty of creative content pouring in from fans, but this is the first Fallout 4 modification we’ve seen that gives players an option for both male and female bobbleheads.

While the former may have a complete line of Bethesda products and the whole in-canon thing going for him, the latter is a brand new, unofficial modification that found its way to Nexus Mods last week. With over 20,000 downloads and counting, it’s clear that many Fallout 4 gamers are pretty happy to have some more female-celtic, fan-made items for the game. The Fallout series has always allowed the player to choose their gender, a commendable attainment in terms of consistency, especially when considering the series is quickly approaching the twenty years old mark.

Fallout 4 Bobble Girl Mod

The Bobble Girl modification will allow players to download the classic blonde look that Vault Boy has been rocking since the series started, but will also give players options for dark brown hair and red hair as well. There’s also two different vault suit types: one is a modern-looking crop top, and the other is based off of another modder’s female vault suit armor design. We’d like to have seen the traditional vault suit thrown in there as well (it’s less work for the modder, even!), but the two other options seem to work fine.

The female bobbleheads seem to measure in a little shorter than their default male counterpart, but the height difference of a few in-game inches is hardly noticeable. Most gamers get so excited in the mere act of just finding a coveted bobblehead that they probably won’t notice the difference without a direct comparison, so the height difference seems negligible.

Since it’s a total conversion modification for the bobbleheads (though not the first bobblehead display stand-based modification), it means gamers will have to pick whether they want Vault Boy or Vault Girl holding fort in their bobblehead display stand, as there’s currently no way to have a mix of bobbleheads from both genders.

Of course, the internet didn’t take too long to get weird about the modification, and the owner was immediately bombarded with requests for nude bobbleheads. Thankfully, we don’t think those will be forthcoming – so in the meantime, gamers can enjoy the option to have bobbleheads of either gender to match their playthrough.

Interested gamers can take a look at the Bobble Girl modification here, which offers several hair colors and two different outfits.

What do you think of the Bobble Girl modification, Ranters?