Instead of creating a simple settlement, one Fallout 4 player goes the extra mile to create a sprawling fortress as a residence in Bethesda’s retro-futuristic RPG.

For those Fallout 4 players who believe that their humble home in the Boston Commonwealth is simply the bee’s knees, after checking out the veritable military compound known as the Fusion Core Fortress, they might want to put in a bit more effort to customize a settlement. Created by a fan going by the online handle “SeraphinFoad”, the structure is basically one giant post-apocalyptic castle, as it’s not only enclosed by massive walls made of “heavy concrete blocks, topped with metal walls and parapets”, but it’s also fortified by turrets and missile platforms at practically every entrance.

In addition to the defenses, the Fallout 4 fortress also serves as a marketplace, a barracks, and even a museum of sorts, for in the center of the stronghold there’s a large display of power armor. While the entire building is incredible to say the least, the “bazaar” is perhaps the most useful, as it contains a ton of merchants that allows SeraphinFord to stock up on gear without ever having to leave home.

As many console gamers will be quick to point out, the Fusion Core Fortress contains assets that are well over Fallout 4‘s cap on settlement sizes and object limits, meaning that it had to have been built on PC with the help of mods, as well as cheats and console commands. However, while SeraphinFoad admits to the citadel being created on PC using the “Unlimited Settlement Objects” mod from NexusMods, he said that he only used console commands to remove the HUD and get himself unstuck from water pumps when taking screenshots.


No matter how he got it done, the time and effort SeraphinFoad put into actually building the wonderful monstrosity seen in full in the next page’s gallery is admittedly impressive, as it took him roughly two days in full to erect it. Speaking of which, similar undertakings have been done by other gamers, with one fan constructing a high-rise known as the Tower of Flesh, which took about 20 hours to assemble.

With so many Fallout 4 fans putting their own personal stamp on the action-RPG and then sharing their builds online for all of the gaming community to enjoy, it’s obvious that Bethesda has a tremendous hit on its hands. In fact, the release’s digital sales hit $100 million in just 3 days, with physical units contributing to the game’s success even more so. As it happens, in the first week of Fallout 4‘s release, Bethesda reported that the title had shipped 12 million units, making well over $750 million in revenue.

Taking all of this into consideration, Fallout 4‘s base game has definitely provided fans with plenty of gameplay to experience. So, once its Season Pass and DLC releases next year, there’s no telling how long would-be Vault Dwellers will choose to take up residency in the Wasteland.

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Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: SeraphinFoad – Imgur (via Kotaku)

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