A YouTuber releases the biggest and baddest Fallout 4 monster face-off yet, pitting 10,000 Glowing Ghouls against just 100 Super Mutants in a fight to the death.

Fallout 4 has plenty to offer gamers, with hundreds of hours worth of exploration and quests, loot, crafting, and more. But PC gamers are already with pushing Fallout 4 to its limits, creating things that were never intended to be a part of the game.

In the latest iteration of Fallout 4 monster battles, one gamer has decided to pit two of the most deadly foes against each other in a giant war. This fight features a mere 100 Super Mutants versus a massive army of 10,000 Glowing Ghouls.

Either of these creatures would be a formidable enemy to meet on the battlefield under normal circumstances, but seeing the vast array of them lined up before the fight starts is staggering. The size and scope of the two armies is more like something a person would see in an epic film. While Fallout 4‘s system requirements are pretty high on their own, it’s a wonder that the gamer’s computer was able to handle all these enemies on-screen at once, let alone while fighting each other.

Just the first few moments of the actual fight are both jaw-dropping and laughable. Lasers are fired off every which way and glowing ghouls go flying through the air, reminiscent of players being sent flying following a giant attack in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Despite the huge difference in team numbers, YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has done a good job balancing the two groups, as the Super Mutants and Glowing Ghouls nearly slaughter each other evenly.

Fallout 4 has plenty to offer gamers on any system, but modders and tinkerers have been hard at work creating a lot of crazy stuff for the PC version. Mods have been created to do simple things and insane ones, like changing the dialogue tree, letting players try out unused weapons in Fallout 4‘s code, or turning the Sole Survivor’s baby into a launchable nuke.

While prior videos have detailed small groups of monsters and raiders fighting synths, this is the fight we’d least like to be in the middle of. The number of enemies in these matches seems to grow each time, but this video does suffer from some mild frame rate drops, so Fallout 4‘s engine (and gamers’ computers) may be reaching their limit.

What enemy factions would you like to see go to war next? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube