One Fallout 4 player manages to capture a heart-warming moment between two Ghouls willing to do anything to protect each other from the harsh Wasteland.

Fallout 4 players have certainly got a sense of humor about them. Perhaps its the game’s relentless and uncompromising portrayal of a nuclear wasteland that necessitates the gallows’ humor present within the game and its loyal community. Maybe its the fact that the idea of shooting nuclear-powered babies out of a gun at giant, mutated enemies is inherently hilarious. Regardless of the reason, however, Fallout 4 has lent itself well to the creation of some funny or poignant moments.

Reddit user Inthedawg offered up another one of those moments yesterday, posting a .gif on the Fallout 4 sub-reddit that displayed one of the more bizarre occurrences within the game’s combat in recent memory. The .gif captures a player using the V.A.T.S. system to take aim at a Ghoul whose back is turned to them only to have another Ghoul dive in between the player’s gun and their original target. The diving hero Ghoul sacrifices its un-life in order to save the other one as Inthedawg’s laser gun reduces it to glowing red ashes. Zombies everywhere shed a single tear.

Sure, it may not make the list of saddest moments in Fallout 4, but its got to be a strong contender should Game Rant choose to make another. For what it’s worth, the original Ghoul appears to have accidentally fused with a wall in one of the many Fallout 4 glitches that populate the game, so while the sacrifice is a beautiful gesture, it remains unlikely the apparent Feral Ghoul President will survive the next attempt on its life.

[WATCH the video here]

While the protagonist of Fallout 4 has no problem gathering companions and friends around them, apparently the game’s monster population has also been spending time developing unbreakable bonds while players wander the Wasteland scavenging ammunition and building settlements. Those gamers who would prefer to remain cold and calculated have their options as well, however. One player recently documented their efforts in recreating popular Japanese manga character One-Punch Man in Fallout 4, and the results were brilliant and brutal.

Inthedawg’s contribution to Fallout 4 history might not register as the grandest or most important of all time, but it’s certainly an amusing one. What’s your favorite Fallout 4 moment? Do you think the goofy bugs and glitches in the game add to its charm? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit