Bethesda forum users report that a specific quest line in Fallout 4 is causing the game to crash without warning on all major platforms, preventing any more progress.

Users are starting to flood Bethesda’s forums with a potentially game-breaking bug that was discovered while doing one of the many quests available in Fallout 4. This issue has started to rear its head during a settlement quest where players are sent to a location called Mosignor Plaza. Upon traveling to the area, the game simply crashes without any sort of warning or error.

While initially reported on the PC version of Fallout 4, console players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have also reported the same behavior. The user reporting the issue also indicated that loading an earlier save or starting a new game won’t solve the issue outright, but may hold off the crash for a little longer. After testing, the user has come to the conclusion that the only permanent fix for this issue is through an official patch.


Glitches and bugs are no strangers to Bethesda titles as many typically launched with a variety from the harmless graphical bugs, technical issues, and to the downright hilarious. Fallout 4 features many of these same issues players have come to expect from Bethesda’s open world titles though fans have found a way to make glitches work in their favor as well.

Even though these games are known to launch with issues, it doesn’t stop the public from picking up a copy. With Fallout 4, Bethesda has set records with $750 million made in revenue at retail during the launch of the game. Not only that, Bethesda has shipped 12 million units worldwide in order to meet the day one demand. Other high points from the launch week of Fallout 4 include having the most concurrent players on Steam, highest pre-ordered game this year, and the Pip-boy Edition was the fastest selling collectors edition of any game in history.

These staggering sales numbers for Fallout 4 are completely justified with how well liked the game is from critics and gamers alike. We had a number of positively glowing things to say about the game as well.

Have you run into any game breaking issues or has the experience been relatively smooth? Let us know how Fallout 4 has been for down below in the comments.

Source: Bethesda Forums