A new Fallout 4 mod attempts to boost the frame rate for PC gamers using low or medium-end graphics cards and CPUs, lowering the game’s system requirements.

While Fallout 4 console gamers have been pleasantly surprised at the visuals and lack of frame rate drops in the game, PC gamers aren’t always so lucky. Depending on a PC gamer’s rig, the game may be as smooth as butter, or it may struggle through frame rate drops and jarring visual lag.

One modder is setting out to make it easier for PC gamers with low or medium-end computers to handle Fallout 4. Rather than just setting the game’s graphics to low, he’s manually going through and modifying environmental textures one by one.

According to modder Torcher, Fallout 4‘s textures are massive, which is part of the reason why many gamers’ systems struggle to handle the game. The game’s basic textures are 2048×2048 for the ground, and 1024×1024 for plants, not to mention character and item textures. While this makes Fallout 4 look way better than Fallout 3, it can be too much for some computers to handle while still providing a fluid gameplay experience.

Torcher’s Texture Optimization Project is going through the painstaking process of downsizing and compressing textures, allowing even low-end graphic cards to play through the game. As is to be expected, the graphical downsize makes the game look less sharp, but Torcher notes that he’s doing the best he can to maintain Fallout 4‘s art style while providing simplified textures. On the plus side, Torcher reports that he can maintain anywhere from 50-60FPS depending on his character’s actions with the mod, whereas his frame rate sometimes drops below 10 without it.

fallout 4 texture mod with without comparison

This graphics mod is a complete turnaround from Fallout 4‘s first mod, which addressed the dissatisfaction some gamers felt with the game’s graphics by giving them an overhaul. While this is a great example of how PC gamers can boost a game’s visuals, it only works if the gamer’s computer can already handle the vanilla game without problems. Considering that graphics cards can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it’s understandable that not every gamer may be well enough equipped to handle what Fallout 4 has to offer.

The Fallout 4 modding scene has already produced a wide variety of mods, ranging from minor graphical tweaks to massive changes, like letting the sole survivor have monster companions. Thankfully, this graphics tweak will allow more gamers to fully appreciate the game on the PC. Since Bethesda just announced that Fallout 4 won’t receive console commands on the PS4 or Xbox One, playing on the PC with mods and console commands provides a fuller experience than its console counterparts. PC gamers who haven’t been able to play the game can give it another try, instead of returning it on Steam.

PC gamers, how has your computer handled Fallout 4? Will you be making use of this mod?

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: NexusMods