Plenty of the settlements in Fallout 4 feature flooring and walls with holes in them. This Fallout 4 guide shows gamers how to repair those holes and make them a thing of the past!

If there’s one thing Fallout 4 gamers have nearly universally experienced, it’s a cluster of frustrations when it comes to building settlements around the various Minutemen locations. Most of the locations feature tall grass that clips through player-placed floors, and some of the existing buildings come riddled with so many holes in the walls that a pack of brahmin could walk right on through. Thankfully, the latter problem is a fixable one thanks to some handy Fallout 4 console commands, and we’re here to show you how to patch any surface with them to make a secure settlement!

The guide won’t be helpful for anyone playing from an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, since Bethesda confirmed that no console commands will come to those platforms, despite the fact that modded custom content will eventually become available on them.

The below images will go over the fixing up of Croup Manor in particular, but these methods will work in any of the settlements players are allowed to build in. Notably, they do a bang-up job fixing up the walls of the more decrepit buildings in Sanctuary, where some buildings are scrappable and others aren’t.

Fallout 4 Patch Surface

The original guide posted anonymously to Imgur recommends to save before playing with the console to position floor and wall items, and we heartily recommend the same – positioning the items can be a painstaking process, and one accidental click is all it takes to select the wrong object, move it to the wrong spot, and cause a domino effect of catastrophes. When players have selected whatever piece they want to place over a hole, they must open the console by pressing the tilde key (~) and begin positioning the floor or wall piece.

If raising or lowering an object, type in ‘modpos z #’, where the number symbol is a positive or negative numeric value. A negative value will lower the object. When using the modpos command, objects will ignore clipping, allowing them to be placed within parts of the floor that are intact, but also letting them cover up the holes where the original floor was damaged. Positioning always takes a few tries, as it’s impossible to eyeball how many integers an object really needs to move to get a perfect fit.

During this process, it’s extremely important not to accidentally click a different object, as the game will then start moving the wrong item. For example, if you accidentally select a table when moving the floor, and you adjust the table height, every other object that was on that table will come crashing down. Be careful!

Fallout 4 Fix Floors

Now that the Z coordinate is taken care of, its time to move the item North/South or East/West by using ‘modpos ‘x and ‘modpos y’, respectively. The formula here is the same for what gamers will have done with ‘modpos z’, except instead of up and down, players will be moving the object in one of four directions. Using these modpos commands, players should be able to move absolutely any object to perfectly cover up some of the holes left from 200 years of lacking maintenance.

Proper walls and floors are just the first part of a building a great settlement, but there are plenty of other tips and tricks to give players an advantage when they’re out in the wasteland. We’ve  compiled a few guides like where to find all of the unique weapons, or even how to horde the most items in your inventory. Let us know if there’s anything Fallout 4 related you’d like to see a guide for!

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Imgur