Follow our Fallout 4 guide to find a heavy metal helmet and suit of armor made for dogs to equip to the Sole Survivor’s ever-faithful companion, Dogmeat.

Dogmeat is undoubtedly a Fallout 4 sole survivor’s best friend. He’s loyal, basically immortal, and he’s a necessary part of maxing out a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tree in mere moments. But just because he’s a dog doesn’t mean that he has to walk the wasteland without cool gear of his own while his owner stomps around in a heavy metal suit of Power Armor.

Gamers who want to deck out their Fallout 4 pup in heavy duty armor won’t need to rely upon mods for this one. Apparently, amongst the various bandanas, goggles, and accessories for Dogmeat, Bethesda included a special suit of doggy armor in the game just for him.

To find the pooch’s protection, players will need to fast travel to Rocky Narrows Park in The Commonwealth. However, beware of the roaming Yao Guai that wander through the area. For players who haven’t discovered Rocky Narrows Park yet, it can be reached by returning to the Corvega assembly plant, and then heading west.

A gorge can be found between two stony areas near Rocky Narrows Park, with a small cave-like dent in the side. Players should look around until they find three dog bowls on the ground, along with some vicious dogs that attack on sight. With them defeated, players can poke around near the bowls to find a dog helmet, dog armor, and a chain dog collar.

fallout 4 guide find dogmeat armor

The immortal Dogmeat needs to have the items in his inventory and be directed to use them them in order to wear them. Gamers just need to open up a trade interface with him and move the items to his inventory. Once the items are in his inventory, he can be commanded to equip them by by highlighting the item and selecting triangle on the PlayStation 4, T on the PC, or Y on the Xbox One. The ever-faithful Dogmeat will now be decked out with awesome metal armor to look tough out in the wasteland. Sadly, the armor is just for looks, as it doesn’t actually offer any additional defense. However, since Dogmeat can’t be killed, it’s not a big deal.

For gamers on the PC who want to grab the armor right away or can’t be troubled to go hunting for it, Fallout 4 console commands can be used to obtain the armor. The item ID codes for the collar, helmet, and light armor are 0018B210, 0018B210, and 001B5ACC, respectively. While console gamers can’t use this cheat, it doesn’t take too much work to gather the items normally, so they’re not at too much of a disadvantage here.

Dogmeat’s armor is pretty cool looking, and thankfully, Bethesda didn’t turn it into a laughable DLC like their Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Horse Armor.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gosu Noob