Epic action figure manufacturer 3A reveals their latest creation, this time an amazing recreation of the Fallout 4 Sole Survivor in a suit of iconic Power Armor.

Fallout 4 has already received a slew of collectibles and limited memorabilia, but the most epic one yet is still on the horizon. A new Fallout 4 figure, complete with a full suit of power armor, has been revealed for the first time.

Shown at Toy Soul 2015, a major toy conference event in Hong Kong, the official Fallout 4 figure is being developed by 3A. For the unfamiliar, 3A has developed prior epic figures, like the Destiny Titan action figure. The Fallout 4 figure looks like it’ll have an even more amazing level of detail, though it’s early enough in its development stages to be unpainted at this time.

The figure is based off of the male default protagonist’s appearance, though that’s initially not clear to see, as he’s wearing a full suit of Power Armor. However, the amazing thing about this figure is that the Power Armor can be completely removed, revealing the Sole Survivor wearing the Power Armor’s frame and the iconic Vault 111 vault suit. At this time, there’s no information on a release date, but chances are it’s still a ways off, as it appears to be in its early development phase.

fallout 4 figure minigun


There’s a ton of Fallout 4 merchandise available, from simplistic Vault Boy Bobbleheads to the more expensive and rare Limited Pip-Boy Edition replica and the hard to findĀ Target-exclusive Nuka Cola Quantum. Chances are that the Fallout 4 action figure will cost a pretty penny, and will probably be in high demand. However, with any luck, Bethesda has recognized the massive demand for its other limited merchandise, and enough of these figures will be produced to prevent fans from going without.

It remains to be seen if this is the only Fallout 4 figure that 3A will produce; considering that there’s a relatively large cast of companions, villains, and creatures, it’s possible that this is the first of many. It’d also be nice to see the female version of the protagonist, complete with the same Power Armor as this prototype.

Considering that the Power Armor has been iconic for the entirety of the Fallout series, it makes a lot of sense for the sculptor to choose it for their figure. Taking the extra step to make it removable to revealĀ a faithful rendition of the in-game character, however, makes this figure go above and beyond most.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: ToyArk