It seems that while both the Xbox One and PS4 struggle with Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor areas, gamers will get far better performance out of Microsoft’s console.

Bad news for PlayStation fans, as it turns out that Fallout 4‘s most recent expansion, Far Harbor, has significantly better performance on the Xbox One consoles than it does on the PS4.

The performance drop is significant, with both consoles seeing fluctuation in frame rates in the new woodlands area. While Fallout 4 should run at a solid 30 FPS on both consoles, user reports suggest that the heavy fog present in the expansion causes the PS4 to cap out at 20 frames per second, a drop that is noticeable to even the most casual gamer. In some areas, Sony’s console will even hit as low as 15 FPS, which can be seen quite clearly in this side-by-side comparison video from Digital Foundry.

The Xbox One suffers some frame loss too, though not quite as severe. The console runs consistently at a higher refresh rate, helping to keep the game running smoothly. This is especially evident when compared to the PS4, with that platform’s frame rate usually between 20-30 FPS. The fluctuations it does see are far from ideal, but it is still vastly superior in performance to the other console.

This development has certainly been unexpected, with the game’s performance on release seeming to suggest that the PS4 would be the best console to buy your copy of Fallout 4 on. In an early graphics comparison video, the Xbox One version suffers from full on pauses in gameplay when loading new areas, something that is avoided with the PlayStation 4.

Now, however, it is looking like Xbox is the true home of Fallout on console, with a more consistent frame rate and mod integration coming in from PC developers. Starting today, Xbox One gamers can get their hands on a range of mods for the game that have previously only been available to players on PC. The modding community for Bethesda games is as active as ever, so there are likely going to be a host of entertaining and game-changing features for Xbox fans to try out.

Despite the issues with Fallout 4‘s frame rate, Far Harbor is still a worthwhile expansion to pick up – at least according to our review of the DLC. For those ready to return to the post-apolocalyptic wasteland, check out our guide on getting started in Far Harbor in order to make the most of the experience.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the Far Harbor DLC present on all platforms.