The developers at Bethesda Softworks release a making of video for Fallout 4‘s forthcoming Far Harbor DLC, with the clip detailing the area, story, and more.

Shortly following beta testers’ leak of details and screenshots for Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC, Bethesda has now put out a new behind-the-scenes video featuring the expansion’s developers officially discussing what players should expect from the forthcoming content. On top of giving fans an idea of what the studio wanted to implement within the Fallout 4 add-on and how developers wanted to execute those concepts, the footage also offers a clear idea of the environment, the main thrust of the narrative, the new types of monsters to be encountered, and perhaps most importantly, the fresh gear and weapons players can wield.

While some of the making of video for Far Harbor builds upon what we’ve already known about the DLC thanks to its official trailer, Bethesda developers like the Fallout 4 expansion’s lead designer Will Shen, lead producer Phil Nelson, and lead artist Matt Carofano each provide a fuller context for why the studio wanted to expand the “New England feel” of the game with the Maine setting. Plus, we learn that the story the Sole Survivor will delve into centers around a conflict between the townspeople of Far Harbor, the Children of Atom, and the Synths.

As seen in the video below, creepy creatures like the Gulper, the Angler, the Fog Crawler, and other similarly designed beasts populate Far Harbor, while Fallout 4‘s protagonist is given new firearms to defend themselves, with munitions such as meat hooks, the Lever Action Rifle, and the Harpoon Gun, which is completely different-looking from the secret weapon discovered a while back. Not to mention, there’s even a fresh set of protective gear called the Marine Combat Armor, which is apparently the best armor to have just below the game’s power armor.

Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor is expected to bring about more than 20 hours of additional content to the game, so those fans who have exhausted all that the post-apocalyptic RPG has to offer thus far can drop $25 on the expansion by itself, or go all in for the title’s Season Pass for $50 to get it and any future add-ons. Speaking of which, although Bethesda hasn’t announced it yet, the next DLC is rumored as being called Nuka World, with some speculating that it’s based around a theme park for the popular soft drink within the retro-futuristic title.

In any event, with Far Harbor launching tomorrow, there will inevitably be some fans lacking the knowledge as to where to begin with the Fallout 4 DLC. Never fear, for those who are in need of assistance can check out our guide on how to get started right here.

What did you think of the making of video for Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC? Which aspect of the new expansion has you the most excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with its Far Harbor DLC set to launch tomorrow on May 19.

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