Bethesda releases a brand new story trailer for the massive Far Harbor expansion pack coming to Fallout 4 along with a sooner than expected release date.

After releasing in November last year, Bethesda has been hard at work adding more content to the already sizable open world of Fallout 4. Fans have gotten their hands on new workshop items through Wasteland Workshop and put down the threat of a robot uprising in Automatron. For many however, the crown jewel of the Fallout 4 season pass is with the next planned expansion called Far Harbor. Today, Bethesda has finally revealed more information about the upcoming downloadable content along with its release date which isn’t as far away as people may think.

The trailer opens with a similar looking boat seen in the promotional art for the content pack, slowly approaching a gloomy seaside town. The foggy little island appears to be home to a rugged group of settlers hiding a mysterious secret that players will no doubt uncover along the journey. Interesting new enemy types can also be seen in the trailer including what looks to be a mutated variant of an angler fish, waterlogged ghouls, and a very large and fast moving water creature.

Far Harbor plans to bring players off the coast of Maine thanks to a new case from the Valentine Detective Agency. The small island has been heavily irradiated creating a world that is more feral than what has previously been seen. The island will also introduce three new factions including Children of the Atom, the local townsfolk, and the synths, who are all at war with one another and tasks the player with bringing peace back to the area.

As previously mentioned, Far Harbor is the largest landmass ever created for an add-on by Bethesda Game Studios. In addition to a brand new story to work through, the content is filled with additional settlements to explore, new weapons to acquire, new faction quests, dungeons, and even high level armor to locate.

While this is the last piece of known content in the season pass, Far Harbor doesn’t mark the end of updates to Fallout 4. Since increasing the season pass price to $50, Bethesda is currently planning to add more free updates and paid content over the course of 2016, to be revealed at a later date. Mods, which are currently live on PC, are still planned for console release very soon with the Xbox One version arriving later this month, and the PlayStation 4 version to follow in June.

Are you looking forward to exploring a new landmass in Fallout 4? What else are you hoping Bethesda adds to the game this year? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Far Harbor will be available for all three platforms starting on Thursday, May 19th.

Source: Bethesda YouTube