A hoax being circulated around the Internet appears to give a set of instructions leading Fallout 4 players to a location where they can find mythical Pokemon Mew.

Fallout 4 is a game that’s packed with hidden content and easter eggs, to the extent that just about anything could be tucked away in post-apocalyptic Boston. This morning, a neat Pokemon reference is doing the rounds — but it’s confirmed that the purported secret is a fan-made fake.

Nevertheless, this smart piece of subterfuge will likely prompt a dose of nostalgia for anyone that played through Pokemon Red and Blue in their heyday. The central conceit of the supposed easter egg refers to one of the most pervasive rumours spread about those titles.

Players are instructed to head to the USS Constitution to get started — and, once again, it’s worth noting that there’s no point following these steps for yourself — and to wear one of the game’s many suits of Power Armour. There should be a truck overturned to the left of the lost ship.

Fallout mew

The truck can be seen in the distance in this screenshot.

The player is then instructed to approach this truck and strike it with a melee attack from your suit of Power Armor. This will supposedly cause an item called ‘Mew’ to drop from the vehicle, which can then be picked up like any other piece of equipment in the game.

This is of course a reference to the mysterious truck parked near the S.S. Anne in Pokemon Red and Blue. According to the long-running myth, players could use Strength on the vehicle, which would result in the normally unobtainable Mew appearing in its place for them to add to their roster.

Of course, neither technique will result in the player receiving the desired Pokemon. Despite this, countless individuals have tried out the S.S. Anne trick — and there’ll no doubt be some that are duped by its USS Constitution redux.

fallout mew inventory

Fallout 4 does contain a host of references to other video games, like its memorable link to Bethesda’s other hugely popular WRPG franchise. As such, it’s not difficult to be fooled by such a well-constructed ruse, as there’s little to disqualify such a reference from being made in the game.

However, if confirmation was ever needed, you cannot catch Mew in Fallout 4. The most recent instalment of the franchise may have added base building to the mix, but we’ll perhaps have to wait until its next entry for a fully fledged creature battle component.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.