When it comes to travelling the wastelands of Fallout 4, every player wants their survivor to look unique. Some achieve that goal through the game’s surprisingly deep and easy-to-use character customization tool, which lets players choose between male and female, while others add flair through accessories.

To assist with the goal of looking a little different in Fallout 4, PC Gamer has put together a few tips for where to find additional character customization items. Specifically, the Fallout 4 guide highlights where players can find face paint, face grime, and a few new hairstyles to make their wasteland survivor stand out from the pack.

Fallout 4 players looking for a little face paint or face grime to spruce up their look should head to the Diamond City Market. There they will find Doc Crocker, the same guy who lets players tweak their character customization choices at any point during the game. So, if any players feel as if their wasteland survivor doesn’t quite look right, they can make some changes at Crocker.

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Additionally, Crocker sells face paint, which can be applied in a number of configurations and colors. Granted, applying face paint basically undoes what Crocker can offer in terms of character customization, but a little extra paint might help make your Vault 111 dweller look a little more menacing.

But, if you want your survivor to look a little weathered, Crocker also sells grime, which gives the illusion that the player has been through the thick of it. From dirt to dust, the artificial grime adds an added layer of wear and tear to your survivor, and will hopefully make the post-battle screenshots or conversations feel a little more authentic.

Alongside some additional face customization items, Fallout 4 also offers a few additional hairstyles to make the Vault 111 survivor look a little more unique. Again, hit up Diamond City, or any barber for that matter, and they will help outfit your character with a new ‘do.

However, for the top tier hairstyles in all of Fallout 4, a.k.a. the most ridiculous ones, players will need to procure one of two issues of a magazine called Le Coiffe. With Le Coiffe in their possession, players will have access to some pretty unique hairstyles, including one that looks like a nuclear explosion of hair.

Fallout 4 Megaton Hair

To find Le Coiffe, players will need to hit up Fallon’s Department store, which is due South of Diamond City – it’s the building with the Fallon’s sign on it. Or they can head to Charlestown Laundry by traveling southeast from Bunker Hill. Search each of the areas of the magazines, and be ready for a crazy hairstyle.

How have you customized your wasteland survivor in Fallout 4? Do you prefer a weathered look for your vault dweller?

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Read Game Rant’s Fallout 4 review here.

Source: PC Gamer