Fans poking around in the Fallout 4’s source code discover the full list of names voiced by robot butler Codsworth, including a host of notable additions to please sci-fi fans.

Open-ended role-playing games like Fallout 4 are often more fun when players are given the opportunity to create their own character. A customized avatar is one method of making the experience as a whole more immersive and personal — especially when other characters in the game world refer to you by your chosen name.

The first moments of Fallout 4 will see players meet Codsworth, a well-meaning service robot who helps out in the protagonist’s home before the fall of civilization. Depending on what you chose during the creation of your character, you might even find that the android can refer to you by name.

A robust list of names were recorded to give Codsworth this ability — although, obviously, not every single handle made the cut. Thankfully, the full selection of names that Codsworth is familiar with has now been gleaned from the game’s source code and shared online.

The majority of the list is fairly standard stuff, but Bethesda has also included a varied selection of classic sci-fi names for anyone looking to explore the wasteland in someone else’s shoes. Fittingly for a game that deals with issues of artificial intelligence, you can name yourself Deckard after the main character in Blade Runner.


The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is well represented too. As well as the titular Max’s surname of Rockatansky, players also have access to the monikers of a couple of the series’ most memorable villains; Toecutter from the first movie and Humungus from its sequel.

Elsewhere there are plenty of names taken from the development team, a few nuclear references like ‘Atomic’ and ‘Nuclear’ and a surprising amount of swears. Obviously, anything goes out in the wasteland, but hearing your robot butler refer to you as ‘Assface’ might still sound out of place.

Fallout 4 has received plenty of praise following the months of hype that preceded its release. Recording such a wide range of options for the player’s name might seem like a minor part of a huge game, but it’s often the smaller details that make a title like this so compelling.

Expect to see plenty more secrets uncovered by inquisitive Fallout fans in the weeks and months to come. Bethesda games are typically packed with optional content and easter eggs, and there should be little doubt that there’s plenty left to see out in the wasteland.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.