When gamers purchase a game developed by Bethesda, they can typically expect a massive open world to explore, filled with compelling stories and intriguing characters. Bethesda also has a tendency to inject their game worlds full of Easter Eggs for fans to discover, and Fallout 4 is no different.

Fallout 4 is absolutely packed with Easter Eggs, ranging from pop culture references to hints of the Fallout universe possibly connecting to other Bethesda franchises. Out of all the Easter Eggs in Fallout 4, these 13 are some of the most interesting that players have discovered in the wasteland so far.


Flux Sensor Fallout 4 Alien

One of Fallout 4‘s more obscure Easter Eggs, only the most hardcore fans of Ridley Scott’s Alien will catch this one on their own. Found in a hut in the Commonwealth, this Fallout 4 Alien Easter Egg takes the form of a flux sensor item adorned with the number sequence 180924609. 180924609 just so happens to be the registration number for the Nostromo spacecraft where the bulk of the film takes place.

Blade Runner

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - Blade Runner film poster

Alien isn’t the only classic sci-fi property that Fallout 4 references. On the contrary, the game is littered with nods to Blade Runner (or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for the literature buffs out there), which is fitting considering Fallout 4‘s narrative hits many similar beats as the film with the synths and the concept of machines posing as human beings.

In any case, Fallout 4‘s Blade Runner references are numerous, from Codsworth able to say the name Deckard, to a recreation of the film’s final moments using a mannequin and a corpse. There are many other subtle Blade Runner references that can be found throughout the game that fans of the film and the novel should be quick to recognize.


Fallout 4 Features Replica of the Cheers Bar - Sam and Diane Skeletons

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And players can do just that in Fallout 4, as Sam Malone’s bar from Cheers can be found in the ruins of Boston. The show’s numerous beloved characters can be seen lying around the bar as skeletons, with subtle hints to give players a clue as to their which characters they represent.

Good Will Hunting

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - Good Will Hunting

Many Easter Eggs in Fallout 4 use skeletons to great effect like in the Cheers replica, and another example of this is with a reference to the film Good Will Hunting. The skeleton of a janitor can be found lying underneath a chalkboard marked with the same mathematical symbols that Matt Damon’s character writes in the movie.

Holiday Celebrations

fallout 4 holiday celebration diamond city

Just because the world was destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse doesn’t meant that our culture died too. In fact, the citizens of the Commonwealth still recognize popular holidays like Halloween and Christmas, decorating for each occasion when they come around on the in-game calendar.

Holotape Games


The Pip-Boy is one of the most practical and useful items in the Fallout universe. The Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 is all of that and then some, essentially operating like a post-apocalyptic Game Boy. Players are able to find Holotape Games strewn about the Wasteland, each one a reference to classic video game franchises such as Donkey KongMissile Command, and more. Those wanting to collect every video game for their Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 should refer to our Holotape Games location guide.


Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - Jaws

In yet another film reference, players are able to find a recreation of Quint’s death from Jaws. Bethesda replaced the film’s iconic shark with a horrifically mutated dolphin, but otherwise it’s an obvious nod to one of cinema’s most feared creatures.


nirnroot fallout

Bethesda also included some references to their other works in Fallout 4, with one of the most interesting ones being the inclusion of the nirnroot plant from The Elder Scrolls series. Labeled an “experimental plant” in Fallout 4, fans of The Elder Scrolls should be able to recognize the nirnroot right away. Some have taken this reference to mean that Fallout and The Elder Scrolls actually exist within the same universe, but Bethesda has yet to comment on that particular theory.

Sons of Anarchy

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - Sons of Anarchy

While many players probably don’t bother reading through the many ROBCO Industries terminals that can be found in post-apocalyptic Boston, those that do occasionally are rewarded with clever references and Easter Eggs. For example, one such ROBCO Industries terminal contains information on a criminal named Opie Hurst, which is a nod to a character from the popular motorcycle gang TV show Sons of Anarchy.

Sweet Roll from Fallout 3

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - Fallout 3 Happy Birthday Sweet Roll

Has the main character from Fallout 3 made his or her way from the Capital Wasteland to the Commonwealth? There are a couple of different Easter Eggs found in Fallout 4 that suggests that this is indeed the case. The first comes in the form of the “Happy Birthday Sweet Roll” found on a bench. As some may recall, the opening hours of Fallout 3 featured a birthday party for the player character – known as “The Lone Wanderer” in the game – during which they were given a sweet roll to help celebrate the occasion.

The Cask of Amontillado

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - The Cask of Amontillado

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most significant figures from Boston, and so it’s only fitting that Bethesda included a reference to one of his works in Fallout 4. This Easter Egg is based on Poe’s grim story “The Cask of Amontillado”, complete with Amontillado alcohol for players to collect, as well as a skeleton behind a partially-finished wall.

The Lone Wanderer’s Motorcycle

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - The Lone Wanderer's Motorcycle Fallout 3

Earlier we mentioned a celebratory sweet roll that hinted at The Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 exploring the Commonwealth, but there’s additional evidence as well. One of the motorcycles that can be found abandoned on the streets of Fallout 4 has been customized with the label “Lone Wanderer”, suggesting that it is a vehicle belonging to the hero from Fallout 3. Maybe it’s the transportation that was used to travel from the Capital Wasteland to the Boston Commonwealth?

True Detective

Fallout 4's Best Easter Eggs - True Detective

The final Easter Egg on this list is a reference to the first season of HBO’s popular drama True Detective. More specifically, it’s a reference to Rust Cohle, the eccentric cop that was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey. Similar to the Sons of Anarchy Easter Egg, players can find a file on a terminal about Rust Cohle, who is apparently a Knight in the Brotherhood of Steel in the world of Fallout 4.

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While these 13 Easter Eggs may stand out the most, it’s likely that some even better ones have yet to be discovered by Fallout 4 players. Perhaps those those exploring Fallout 4‘s ocean will discover even more juicy Easter Eggs, or maybe there’s still some left to find on the surface. It’s possible that some of the best Easter Eggs in Fallout 4 are still hidden within the vast wasteland of post-apocalyptic Boston, so be on the lookout. Happy hunting!

Which Fallout 4 Easter Egg is your favorite? Have you found anymore that aren’t named on this list? Let’s talk about the best Fallout 4 Easter Eggs in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.