Bethesda releases a new trailer for the second of Fallout 4‘s DLC expansions, Wasteland Workshop, and announces that it will be available on April 12.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the enjoyable Automatron expansion was released for Fallout 4, but players won’t have long to wait for the next DLC pack. Bethesda announced that Fallout 4s second of three DLC expansionsWasteland Workshop, will be available for fans on April 12. Those who already have a Season Pass will receive the expansion for free, while everyone else will have to part ways with $5 USD.

Rather than add new quests, or a new landmassWasteland Workshop will build on Fallout 4‘s already-extensive crafting mechanic. The expansion will allow players to craft cages designed to capture anything from raiders to Deathclaws, and then decide on whether to tame them, or have them face-off in a post-apocalyptic fight club. One thing is for sure, expect to see many more videos featuring Deathclaws taking on various Boston Wasteland factions.

In addition to the post-apocalyptic Pokemon element of the expansion, Wasteland Workshop also allows players to craft a series of elaborate traps for their houses and settlements. With the ability to fill every customizable with deadly traps, it’ll be a touch easier to get a settlement up to its maximum happiness rating. And finally, Wasteland Workshop offers up a suite of new design options, such as the ability to build a decontamination arch, letter kits, and some nice Boston taxidermy.

For those wanting a quick taste on what to expect from Wasteland Workshop, check out the trailer right here.

As for gamers who want something a bit more substantial than extra crafting options, they will have to wait next month. The third of Fallout 4‘s planned DLC packs, Far Harbor, is scheduled for a May release, and it is expected to be considerably larger in size and content than Wasteland Workshop and Automatron. 

For those fans who are unwilling (or unable) to pay for the Fallout 4 expansion packs, there’s still the upcoming Creation Kit, which is expected to arrive sometime this month. Based on the amount of shenanigans that players can get up to with mods and customization tools – just check out the Star Wars AT-AT settlement or the recreation of BioShock‘s Columbia – players don’t need to open up their wallets to squeeze out some extra Fallout 4 fun.

With Wasteland WorkshopFar Harbor, and the Creation Kit still to come, the Boston Commonwealth is going to be an even more interesting place for Fallout 4 players very soon.

While gamers will have to wait until April 12 to get their hands on the Wasteland Workshop DLC, Fallout 4 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.