You can grab Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC for 20% off.

Featuring over 20 hours of content, Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor was released yesterday. Reception from Fallout 4 gamers was positive with a 5 to 1 positive over negative review ratio on Steam. If you’ve decided you want to add to your Fallout 4 experience after the numerous Let’s Play and streams you’ve partake in, you’re in luck. Waiting was the right choice because PC gamers can knock 22% off 20% off either the Far Harbor DLC, or Fallout 4‘s Season Pass (which will also bundle in Far Harbor).

Use code: DEALZON20

The coupon code above will work on Steam copies of Far Harbor, or the much more complete Fallout 4 Season Pass. Before you try to use the code on other titles at GMG, note that the discount will only work on these two specific titles and nothing else.

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC adds a number of layers to the game, with additional creatures, a new companion, and a giant map size that rivals past DLC’s Bethesda has created.

For those not in a hurry and think 22% off is just not enough, we’d suggest checking back in a few months as Summer Sale may just bring bigger savings to either the DLC, or the complete Season Pass.