Fallout 4 fans uncover text within the game’s files that hint at some DLC called Nuka World; could Bethesda be working on a post-apocalyptic theme park add-on?

While the main game itself offers more than enough content to keep players occupied, Fallout 4’s post-launch DLC has also introduced plenty of fresh gameplay. This includes Automatron, which lets players build their own robot companions (and take on new villain the Mechanist), Wasteland Workshop which gives players more build and design elements for their settlements and there’s the upcoming Far Harbor, a huge story add-on that reportedly adds 20 hours of gameplay and will be released later this week. But these DLC packs apparently are not the only add-ons that developer Bethesda Game Studios has up its sleeve.

According to fans on the Fallout 4 reddit, the next Fallout 4 DLC pack will be called ‘Nuka World’. One Fallout 4 player has uncovered some text within the game’s files that says “DLCNukaWorld.esm.” Based on this information, the most popular theory as to what the game will offer is that Nuka World will be some sort of theme park, with rides based around the popular wasteland beverage. Only, this is Fallout 4 and fans are also expecting some sort of post-apocalyptic theme park nightmare in which robotic theme park workers attack the player character and, as some have suggested, the park may even feature evidence of unethical experiments on the park’s visitors.

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While it’s unclear whether the next piece of Fallout 4 DLC really is called Nuka World, Bethesda is at least planning more post-launch content for the game. Earlier this year, Bethesda increased the price of the Fallout 4 season pass and while many players weren’t happy with the price adjustment, Bethesda justified it by explaining that more content (free and paid-for) is planned throughout 2016. Given that that the price of the season pass was bumped up by an entire $20, whatever extra DLC Bethesda is developing, it certainly sounds like it could be a significant addition to the game.

As for when players will get official word about this upcoming DLC, the best guess is that Bethesda will make some sort of announcement at the company’s E3 2016 press conference which takes place next month. The teaser image for the event includes a drawing of a Fallout 4 character and so many are expecting some sort of Fallout 4 announcement (DLC or otherwise) alongside a gameplay debut for Dishonored 2, a possible Prey 2 reveal and, as a long-shot, an announcement about a new Elder Scrolls title.

Source: Reddit