Bethesda announces Fallout 4‘s final expansion, Nuka World, but remains tight-lipped about what gamers can expect from it. Here’s what we know so far about Nuka World.

Bethesda had plenty of surprises to reveal during their E3 2016 presentation, including the Skyrim: Legendary Edition and an upcoming Quake game. Fans of Fallout 4 weren’t left out either, with plenty of DLC announced. However, the biggest piece of DLC for Fallout 4, Nuka World, remained fairly ambiguous, so here’s everything that’s been revealed about it so far.

Bethesda Director Todd Howard is remaining quite tight-lipped about Nuka World, but he did let a few secrets out. According to Howard, Nuka World will be the final piece of DLC released for Fallout 4. While the Contraptions Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop are going to be hands-on DLC with an emphasis on building, fans can expect Nuka World to be a story-based expansion.

Nuka World is based around the pre-war amusement park of the same name, which operated as a major theme park under the umbrella of Nuka Cola. Following the war and the sole survivor’s time in stasis, the park has been taken over by Raiders. Todd Howard claims that the park is quite big and is the in-game equivalent to real-life theme parks like Disney World. Like most theme parks, Nuka World will have specific thematic zones, which include Dry Rock Gulch, Galactic Zone, Kiddie Kingdom, and Safari Adventure.

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Todd Howard promised to announce more of the expansion’s details closer to its release date in August, but refused to share anything beyond that. Unfortunately, that means that there’s no information on the game’s precise release date, nor its retail price. Considering that it’s a major expansion, though, gamers can probably expect it to have a similar price as the impressive Far Harbor, which had an initial sale price of $25.

Fallout 4 has nearly reached the end of its post-release content, but gamers will still have plenty to enjoy in it for years to come. Fallout 4 is inherently huge, and like most modern Bethesda games, has already offered expansive content in the way of mods. Even gamers who have already spent hundreds of hours exploring everything Fallout 4 has to offer may find themselves drawn back in, as Bethesda also revealed Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive at their E3 presentation. Whether gamers choose to start the game all over again or keep playing from where their sole survivor left off, revisiting the Boston wasteland in 3D glory should be a fairly fresh experience.

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Fallout 4‘s final expansion, Nuka World, will release sometime in August 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda YouTube