Fans on Reddit speculate at potential new features coming to Fallout 4 based on a couple of subtle hints within the screenshots for the recently announced DLC packs.

Bethesda made a lot of fans very happy by finally announcing its Fallout 4 DLC plans earlier this week. While fans were treated to a brief overview of each content pack, there’s still a lot of details that people are wondering about. Fan speculation has already begun to run rampant, especially on Reddit, where some eagle-eyed users may have potentially spotted a few unannounced elements including a certain canine companion and what appears to be a power core generator within the DLC screenshots.

Looking closer at the artwork for the Far Harbor downloadable content pack, players can clearly see what appears to be an inquisitive Dogmeat looking over the side of the boat with the player character. As such, fans have begun to speculate that this could be confirmation that companions would be able to travel with the player. In addition, looking at the official screenshot for the Wasteland Workshop add on, near the top of the player built structure appears to be a power core generator, potentially hinting that fans would finally be able to build one using the workshop crafting menu.

Fallout 4 far harbor

It’s worth noting that in previous Fallout games, companions were not able to join the player when traveling to new downloadable content areas. This would mark the first time that players would be allowed to bring companions such as Dogmeat with them. Considering the Far Harbor DLC centers its story around a case from Nick Valentine specifically, it would make sense that the player would be allowed to travel with someone.

After releasing a new update for the console versions which subtly improves the visuals and performance, Bethesda also teased that the new DLC is right around the corner including a completely revamped survival mode. While new content is always welcome, many fans have continued to wonder when console mods would be making their first appearance. Unfortunately, Bethesda has remained fairly tight lipped on the subject, simply commenting that they’d be available soon.

Fallout 4 fans should also be aware that Bethesda is planning on increasing the season pass price by 20 dollars starting on March 1. Currently, the season pass is priced at $30, which is a steal when considering each of the just announced three DLC pack prices. With even more planned for the game this year, the total value is now estimated to be closer to $60. Due to the added content on the way, Bethesda will be raising the price to $50, so fans are encouraged to purchase the pass before the permanent price increase hits.

How do you feel about bringing companions along? Is there something else your hoping to see Bethesda add into the game through downloadable content? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit