A Redditor named Petarsaur has been drawing one Fallout 4 themed Disney Princess a day to show his excitement for Fallout 4. We’ve gathered them all up in a gallery for gamers to see!

With Fallout 4 less than two days away, fans are struggling to find new ways to contain their excitement ahead of the game’s releaes. One Deviant Art user with the online pseudonym of Petarsaur has gone above and beyond in terms of fandom, and has been drawing various Disney princesses with a Fallout 4-inspired twist to their wardrobe and accessories.

The Canadian artist took to Reddit a week ago to promise daily pinup-esque vault princess drawings, and has so far delivered to a positive reception. We gathered his artwork and put it in a gallery below for fans to check out, as they do a great job combining Disney lore with the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Rapunzel using VATS to hit a bloatfly with a pan?

So far, Petarsaur has drawn a grand total of eight different Wasteland Princesses, ranging from Ariel as a Brotherhood scribe to Belle casually strolling around with a super mutant version of Gaston in tow. They’re great bits of artwork, and gamers can check them out for themselves below:

While seeing Mulan in a Chinese Stealth Suit may not have been on anyone’s list of things to expect today, the artwork is a pretty neat way for a fan to express their excitement for the upcoming release of Fallout 4. Petersaur may draw one or two more princesses as Sunday and Monday come to a close, but we imagine the artist will be too occupied to draw once Tuesday hits.

Bethesda Softworks has already released the launch trailer for Fallout 4, which teases elements of the main story. While many gamers have been struggling to avoid spoilers since retail copies were leaked to the public, we here at Game Rant have taken care to make our articles as spoiler-free as possible, so gamers can enjoy the game to its fullest upon release.

Those still on the fence about purchasing the game may be interested to know that they can still get it for around 20% off right now, but with Bethesda having built up the hype as well as they did, we’re certain many gamers won’t have a problem buying the game in retail at full price, either.

What do you think about Petarsaur’s artwork, Ranters? Are there any princesses you would like to see drawn?

Fallout 4 is slated to release this Tuesday, November 10th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Game Rant will have a review of the game ready ahead of its scheduled release.

Source: Deviant Art