Fallout 4 Has More Dialogue Than Skyrim & Fallout 3 Combined

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It’s no secret that a lot of gaming fans have been waking up each morning and clamoring for Fallout 4 news ever since the game was revealed in June during Bethesda’s press conference at E3 2015. Such enthusiasm is due in no small part to the Maryland-based studio’s willingness to not only offer up a lot of ideas that would be familiar – the return of non-violent playthrough options have been pleasantly received – but also innovative, such as the incorporation of the ability to craft and customize weapons, armor, and settlements, as well as a revamped VATS combat system.

Risk-taking is the name of the game if developers wish to stay ahead of their competitors, but one of the most controversial additions to Fallout 4 has been the inclusion of voice acting for main characters. The new feature is a bold departure from prior entries in the popular post-apocalyptic series, for even though protagonists had conversation options, they never actually made a peep. However, Fallout 4 developers have doubled-down on the concept, for it’s now being reported that the forthcoming RPG’s comprehensive dialogue is more than Skyrim‘s and Fallout 3‘s combined.

According to a recent Tweet posted on Bethesda’s Twitter page, Fallout 4 contains more than 111,000 lines of speech. A couple of months ago, the studio announced that the game’s lead actors recorded over 13,000 pieces of dialogue in two years, which gives credence to Bethesda’s reference that it took “many years” for the voice work to be completed.

Today’s proclamation from Bethesda is certainly impressive, and it only adds to the notion that Fallout 4 could go on to become one of the biggest titles ever released. For instance, just last week, fans were made aware that the game has double the assets of Skyrim, which ought to keep players roaming the Wasteland for years to come. Plus, the development company’s Lead Producer, Jeff Gardiner, attests that he’s experienced over 400 hours of gameplay and still finds new features, so fans should constantly remain engaged with fresh encounters.


With major consoles now allowing for vastly expanded parameters in terms of stored content both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One utilize Blu-ray discs for releases perhaps the giant quantity of Fallout 4‘s material is simply evidence of a natural progression in gaming, and we’ll see the phenomenon occur more frequently with video games in the future. As it happens, space restrictions have definitely come a long way since the development of Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

At any rate, Fallout 4‘s undoubtedly on track to become one of the most successful games of the year. In fact, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing and PR, says its sales could make for the studio’s “biggest release ever”. Whether or not his statement is simply blind hype remains to be seen, but considering Bethesda’s nearly impeccable track record thus far, it’s a safe bet to make.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Game Studios (via GameSpot)