One Fallout 4 fan pits 1,000 Deathclaws against 100 Brotherhood of Steel in gnarly battle for survival in Bethesda’s recently released post-apocalyptic RPG.

With Fallout 4 having just dropped last Tuesday, most would-be Vault Dwellers have more than likely barely dented the main storyline of the open world title, and are probably putting more effort into customizing settlements, weapons, and armor than anticipated. Nevertheless, there are players like YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian who wish to experience the release in their own wacky ways, by eschewing Fallout 4‘s base game altogether.

As seen below, Cosmic Contrarian’s idea of a good time with Fallout 4 is to put 1,000 of the irradiated Boston Wasteland‘s most treacherous creatures known as Deathclaws up against 100 units of Brotherhood of Steel Knights, which are one of the Commonwealth’s major military powers. As is to be expected, what follows is all-out mayhem.

While some may believe that the match-up is lopsided in terms of the sheer number of Deathclaws being used, the Brotherhood of Steel Knights don’t take the this one sitting down. The soldiers clad in T-60 power armor put up a solid fight, using a hearty mix of energy firearms and miniguns—the latter of which, surprisingly, didn’t make the cut for our choices of the best Fallout weapons prior to the sequel’s release. Of course, rather than spoil the outcome, fans will have to check out the video above to see which army reigns supreme.

Even though Fallout 4 has been out for less than a week, this isn’t the first clip released that involves two factions scrapping. YouTuber Tyrannicon recently uploaded footage to the Web involving a skirmish between a pack of the action-RPG’s Terminator-like Synths and a group of unruly Raiders with the video showing the 100 enemies battling to the death.


On top of the aforementioned bloodbaths created by players, other Fallout 4 fans have chosen to celebrate Bethesda’s retro-futuristic release with their own homemade content via the use of mods. For instance, over the weekend, one player built a mod for his real life dog to be put in the game, while another invoked the ire of Major League Baseball copyright holders with his recreation of an in-game version of the Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz.

Clearly, we would be remiss in suggesting that these are the only portions of fan-generated material out there for Fallout 4. As it happens, there’s already so much to wade through that it can get a tad overwhelming. Nevertheless, the sheer volume of content that’s already available is a testament to the popularity of the post-apocalyptic game, and the gaming world is sure to encounter even more user-made content in the near future.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Cosmic Contrarian (via PC Gamer)