One pop culture mastermind uses assets from Bethesda’s Fallout 4 to recreate the second season trailer for Netflix’s original television series, Daredevil.

Thanks to YouTuber UpIsNotJump, Matt Murdock and company are given the remake treatment in the post-apocalyptic title Fallout 4. Using in-game materials and a plethora of PC mods to recreate the pacing and visuals of Daredevil‘s trailer for its upcoming second season, the video’s creator does a pretty solid job, particularly due to the fact that the official footage teasing the Netflix show came out less than a week ago.

For uninitiated Fallout 4 fans, Daredevil‘s second season pits Marvel Comics’ Man Without Fear against Frank Castle (AKA The Punisher), as the former attempts to put a stop to the latter’s revenge-driven rampage in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Plus, not only does Matt Murdock have to end The Punisher’s lethal one man war against crime, but he also has to balance his life as a lawyer, as Daredevil, and face his old romantic partner Elektra Natchios.

As seen in UpIsNotJump’s video, the modder manages to merge the spirit of the video game world of Fallout 4 and the comic book grit of Daredevil well-enough, as the effort is difficult to do seamlessly with a lot of the action-RPG’s Boston Commonwealth Wasteland locations and weapons showing up as re-purposed sets items. Interestingly enough, though, eagle-eyed fans ought to notice the N7 logo that appears on one of The Punisher’s jackets, as the YouTuber obviously incorporated the mod that adds Mass Effect armor into the game. With that in mind, check out a side-by-side comparison of the original and remake trailers below to see how UpIsNotJump’s creation compares to the original.

This isn’t the first time that UpIsNotJump has used Fallout 4 to recreate a live-action product. As it happens, just a few days after this year’s Super Bowl, the YouTuber decided to make a Jason Bourne trailer remake, delivering a post-apocalyptic take on the teaser for forthcoming Matt Damon cinematic vehicle that aired during the football game.

With so many fan-made Fallout 4 mashups and creations, it’s obvious Bethesda’s open world title is one of the most popular releases to hit the market in a long while. Furthermore, once the studio finally dispatches its anticipated console mod news announcement, plans for even more oddities and Marvel characters are sure to be drawn up and developed for the game once everyone knows when the Garden of Eden Creation Kit mod tools are going to officially arrive on all platforms.

What did you think of UpIsNotJump’s recreation of Daredevil‘s Season 2 trailer in Fallout 4? Did it do the original justice, or was the creator’s vision blind from the start? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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