The Fallout 4 player population continues to grow, as Machete star Danny Trejo shares his wasteland survivor on Twitter.

Trejo may be a little late to the party, but in between public appearances, TV shows, and movies, it seems as though the actor finally has some time to enjoy Fallout 4. And to celebrate the beginning of his adventure, the actor shared a picture of his character, who looks almost exactly like him.

As far as we can tell, it appears Danny Trejo isn’t to far into Fallout 4. But if he gets hooked like so many others, we wouldn’t be surprised him disappear from social media and public appearances for a while. That is, if Trejo is really playing Fallout 4.

Although Danny Trejo is instantly recognizable for his numerous roles in action flicks, cult classics, and his recent Snickers commercial appearance, few know him as a gamer. That’s not to say Trejo doesn’t look like a gamer, as we’ve seen celebrities of all shapes and sizes have shown a love for games, merely that Trejo has never shown much of a love for the art before.

What’s still unclear, as a result, is whether Trejo shared an image from his own personal play through or if the image was sent to him by an adoring fan. As we’ve seen before, Fallout 4 players can create any number of famous faces using the game’s character customization tools.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Danny Trejo lookalike in the image above is missing the actor’s signature flowing locks. In fact, the official Fallout 4 Twitter pointed out that discrepancy, noting that, while the character has Trejo’s facial features down, it’s still missing something.

Nitpicks in character design aside, it’s not surprising to see Danny Trejo get in on the Fallout 4 hype in some capacity. Bethesda’s latest was easily the most anticipated game among hardcore gamers and it has release generated a ton of buzz far and wide. The game has also been able to sustain interest for far longer than the average release, thanks to the nature of its open world and mod support. Bethesda games don’t just release and then disappear; fans carry them on for years, sometimes even decades.

How do you think this Fallout 4 survivor compares to the real Danny Trejo? What kind of Fallout 4 player do you think Danny Trejo might be?

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Danny Trejo (via Polygon)